Monday, May 13, 2013

Kiss pitch contest!

It's time for the celebrations of my 10 year anniversary in the publishing industry to begin!

Flo Nicoll, my fab editor from Mills & Boon UK is taking pitches here starting now.

Flo will choose 3 lucky winners and critique their Kiss partials within 1 week!
That's a super-fast turnaround from an extremely busy editor at a major publishing house.

Before posting your pitch, you may want to check out the imprint Guidelines below:

KISS is sharply contemporary, glossy and chic, attracting readers who enjoy a short hit of romantic excitement with a thoroughly modern twist! Smart and stylish, sweet or sexy, these stories offer fun, flirty reads featuring smart, sassy heroines, equally matched by 21st century alpha heroes!
KISS Key Elements
  • Contemporary romance series with a range of sensuality – we're looking for authors who can convey that young urban feel with sparkling characters and simmering tension - either with or without the hot sex!
  • This series is all about the 21st century alpha male hero!
  • Vibrant, sexy, spirited, fun – but still offering a strong emotional pay off and happy ever after.
  • 50,000 words.
Featured in KISS:
Sparky, spirited heroines in control of their own destinies and with friends to help them through – these ladies are more than a match for their men.
Flirty, cheeky, alpha heroes, who expect their partners to be their equals - these guys are absolutely irresistible!
KISS is: all around you! Just look out for edgy, modern-day characters, sometimes struggling, sometimes knocked sideways by love, but finding their happy endings with plenty of laughter and attitude along the way…
  • TV: Brothers and Sisters, Ugly Betty, New Girl for their fab, witty dialogue
  • Films: What to Expect When You're Expecting, Bridesmaids, 500 Days of Summer, 27 Dresses, No Strings Attached, The Holiday, Friends With Kids, Crazy Stupid Love.
  • Authors: if you enjoy authors such as Kristin Higgins, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Tasmina Perry, Jennifer Cruisie or Meg Cabot you'll love KISS!
To enter the contest, leave the following in the comments of this post. Entries will be accepted from now until midnight EST on May 14th.

1-3 line pitch
Email address

-Entries preferred for a completed manuscript but partials accepted.
-Contest open to unpublished & published writers.

Winners will be announced by end of this week- keep an eye out on the blog here and on my Twitter & Facebook accounts for the announcement.

You can post up to two different pitches, but each pitch must be written in a separate comment.

*Editor reserves the right to not choose winners, based on quality and quantity of submissions.

So what are you waiting for?
Let the pitching games begin!


Margay Leah Justice said...

Title: Second Thoughts
Email: Margay1122ATgmailDOTcom
Sadie Foster has a dilemma: Just when her husband Patrick leaves her due to her reluctance to start a family, her past shows up to haunt her. Namely, the daughter she had when she was little more than a child herself. How can she possibly negotiate a reconciliation with the love of her life when he discovers the secret she has kept for the past fifteen years?

Anonymous said...

TitleRumor Has It
PitchSaskia Thomason is an unhappy girl's best kept secret--she helps them dump their unfaithful, untruthful, or downright boring boyfriends. She figures she's doing women around the world a favor by pushing them to believe they deserve more and better than settling for bad relationships, and she's there to give them the tools to control their destiny.

Saskia runs up against the wrong man, high powered attorney Jamie Espinosa, when his trophy girlfriend breaks up with him publicly, humiliating him in front of important clients and destroying his dreamboat reputation. When he discovers the source of his ruination, he vows revenge, wining and dining her and then breaking up with her in a humiliating way.

But the closer he gets to the alluring and vulnerable Saskia, the less he remembers he isn't supposed to want her...
Email address

Evie Huxtable

Christy McKellen said...

Hi Nicola and Flo. Thanks so much for this fantastic opportunity!

Title: Hot Work

Pitch: After a less-than-impressive flip-out at work, Josie Marchpane’s reluctantly taking her first holiday in three years, only to find herself inadvertently – and most disturbingly – having to share the remote French farmhouse with her business partner’s hot-as-hell estranged brother.

Connor Preston’s been burned before by workaholic career-women and he’s determined not to be outmaneuver by this one, even if she does have the body of a goddess and enough sass and smarts to tempt the hardiest of men. He’s usually too busy trying to save the world to indulge in such distractions, but it would be amiss of him not to prove to her just how much fun she’s been missing, in and out of bed…

E-mail: christymckellenATgmailDOTcom

Jen said...

Title: FAKING IT (Overdone, I know. Still, appropriate.)

When Hilary agrees to pose as her friend Aidan's fiancée for a weekend-trip-cum-job-interview, it seems like a pretty dull endeavor. But that's only until she gets a look at Aidan's competition, and realizes he's the same man who broke her heart a year ago. Suddenly, pretending to be madly in love with Aidan becomes ten times more difficult and about a hundred times more necessary, especially after Jake indicates that he wouldn't mind picking up where they left off a year ago. Everyone knows that a fake engagement is supposed to turn real, but what happens when the fake fiancée falls in love with someone else in the middle of the deception...?

Email: gallagher237 AT bellsouth DOT net

Fiona Marsden said...

Second Chances
Career oriented lawyer Rachel Dawson would rather be known as an alpha bitch than a cougar. But when her boss insists she work closely with ratbag journalist and ex-con Corin Lindstrom, her reputation as the office Ice Queen is at risk. He's years younger, hot as sin and just passing through. Can she risk everything she's worked for, and her frozen heart, on a lightweight guy who doesn't want to grow up? Will the dark secrets in their past bind them together or tear them apart? And will the results of their unruly passion derail both their lives?
princess-fiona01 at bigpond dot com

Kwana said...

Thanks so much Nicola and Flo what a wonderful opportunity!

Email: kmjdesigns AT yahoo DOT com

Title: Insert Groom Here

Eva Ward has vowed that by 29 she’d be married and now with the dreaded birthday looming it looks like her dreams will finally come true when she signs up for a TV sponsored wedding with her fiancée Kevin, but when Kevin breaks up with her on the air an angry, Eva, still live and on the air, vows to have her wedding on the date as planned. After she storms off the station is flooded with inquiries and a new series is spawned called: Insert Groom Here. We follow along as Eva goes on her many dates to find the perfect groom while being constantly trailed by the shows gruff, but terribly handsome cameraman, Aidan who against Eva’s better judgment she can’t deny her growing attraction to.

Anonymous said...

The Chance Not Taken

Laura Ann Merryweather is a damn good composition teacher at Kingston Prep, but her dream job is marred by arrogant biology teacher Marcus White. When a student field trip runs amok and Laura Ann is shipwrecked with fellow-chaperone Marcus, they finally have the showdown that has been brewing between them for the last five years of insults, false rumors, and simmering sexual tension.

sydney DOT lakerye AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

The Mistake Not Made

Even though their marriage has been loveless and sexless for the last year, Lorelai Wade is still publicly humiliated when her news anchor husband is caught in flagrante with the weather girl. Her only thought is to get gorgeous and get even with her own dumb bimbo--her best friend's little brother, an up-and-coming action hero who's in town for a one-week shoot. While Grant Harrison may a hunk, he's no bimbo--and he wants more than just a week with the girl who barely gave him the time of day ten years ago.

sydney DOT lakerye AT gmail DOT com

Robyn Thomas said...

Hi Nicola and Flo. Thank you for providing this lovely opportunity.

Title: Two Date Charlie

Claire Beaumont doesn't date because her past breathes down her neck 24/7, but Charlie Fox, her oh-so-temporary neighbour, tempts her to abandon caution. For the first time ever Charlie wants more time with a woman than she's willing to offer. He finds the chase new and exciting, but the obstacles in his path re-open old wounds and force them both to reassess their life choices.

~ Robyn Thomas
finchsea at gmail dot com

Louise said...

TITLE: One Night Will Do

Independent farm girl, Mable, has an unconventional plan to save her livelihood. Stage one - find a sperm donor. Preferably gorgeous, definitely rich.

Big time movie director Chase couldn’t be more perfect for the job except for his newly pledged celibacy. With his career on the brink of failure, his eye should be on the prize, not Mable.

Can Mable tempt him into breaking his vow and will she be able to kick him out of bed the next morning? Or will Chase want to stick along for the entire ride - wellies, tractors, pregnancy tests and all?

EMAIL: louise.r.kerr AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Gentle Daisy and the Billionaire

Daisy has nothing, a full-time shop assistant who gets involved in a situation that leaves her homeless and running scared. But a rescuer in the form of a reclusive billionaire offers her a way out, but she is terrified to accept. He gives her an option that is almost impossible to refuse. Will the handsome billionaire really be an answer to the complications that have overtaken her life or will he be the obstacle that she can’t get over.
Max has always hidden behind closed doors preferring to leave his brother to deal with the everyday running of their chain of shops. He’s the one who does the inventing, the silent partner-until he meets Daisy Channing. Something about her touches him in a way no one ever has before. He wants to save her but in doing so she saves him right back.


Lorraine said...

TITLE: The Love Project

PITCH: Everyone's talking about, the new online dating site matching people using science. PHD scientist Amy Carter doesn't believe in 'the one' and prefers logic to the kind of messy feelings that were once very nearly her downfall.
London architect Seb Hunter does believe in the one - the one that got away - Amy disappeared from his life with no explanation and when he hears her on the radio talking about The Love Project he knows he has to use the project to finally get some answers.

EMAIL: lorrainewilson73ATgmailDOTcom

Jane Linfoot said...

Thanks for this Nicola and Flo

The Big Bang Theory of Dating

Take one loaded commitment-phobe explosives expert, Ed, embarking on an impossible challenge, to have ten dates with one woman – then add in fiercely independent, feisty burlesque teacher, Millie, who has sworn off men.
She’s so not his type, he’s so not in her life-plan, but there’s an incendiary attraction, and he blows all her theories about control and seduction out of the water.
As the heat burns, she uncovers his abandonment issues, leaping to the defence of his birth mother, and pushing him to review his past, but when he finally allows himself to trust, it’s the failed pregnancy which allowed her to understand, which means she is the last person to deserve his love.

E mail

Unknown said...

Title: His Boss Lady
Emma Michaels gets off on people calling her ma’am and fearing her when she walks by her employees’ offices. She has worked hard to make partner in Johnson, Franks, and Michaels and she will not let anything distract her from her job. That is until an intern comes to shadow her and pushes every button she has. Emma has always been in control, but when Tyler Higgins is near her she feels like a train wreck. Will she get it together and do her job training him, or will she let him teach her a thing or two?
Tyler Higgins is a go-getter and used to achieving everything he sets out to, and no wonder. All the Higgins men have been CEOs and owned their companies. When he lands his dream internship he isn’t pleased to know that he will be shadowing a woman. Then he meets Emma Michaels and gets kicked in the balls by how attracted to her he is. The fact that he wants to do naughty things to her could jeopardize his future, unless of course, she is into it.


Thank you for the opportunity Nicola and Flo!

Anonymous said...

Title : Mud, Mayhem and Manolos


Recently dumped Cora Marshall is furious when she’s sent to interview in-vogue organic farmer Finn O’Reilly instead of covering London fashion week.
City-girl Cora doesn’t do Hicksville but with her career on the line she has to produce something out of the ordinary for her slave-driver Editor.
No red-blooded female could ever accuse playboy Finn of being ordinary and his hunky take on horticulture has Cora discovering senses she didn’t even know she had.
Finn is determined to show this uptight fashionista just how much fun balmy country nights can be but what made him turn his back on his uber-successful city career in the first place? And can opposites ever do more than superficially attract?

Email :

Thanks for a great opportunity!

Jane Linfoot said...

The Biggest Blag of her Life

Single mum and trompe l’oeil artist Ellie struggles to juggle her business and her twins. But when property magnate Cosmo rocks up again five years after he ran out on their fling, he’s as cock-sure as ever that money can buy him anything. But this time he’s wrong – there’s no way Ellie can let a power-crazed, unreliable man like Cosmo find out he’s a Dad to her children, and risk wrecking the stable family she’s worked her socks off to establish. She reckons the fastest way to get rid of him is to give him the attention he is demanding, but will her powers of illusion be enough to pull off the biggest blag of her life?

e mail

Thanks for this Flo and Nicola!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Title: The Song of My Heart

Pitch: Lucan Winters the hottest new signer around has a bad reputation. He's leaves a trail of broken hearts in the cities he plays. Not by choice you understand. He just can’t afford any long term attachments it’s just the nature of the game.
His newest band member Ren Carroll has his attention. Beautiful and talented, she’s everything he wants and as he gets to know her she’s everything he needs. Only problem, he just needs to get her away from her boyfriend. Too bad he’s Lucan’s friend, manager and mentor.

Thanks for the opportunity. We need to take as many as we can get!


Anonymous said...

Photos of Forever


A year-long sabbatical on a peaceful, tropical island gives surgeon, Sadie Monroe, the chance find what is missing from a life filled only with her career – long term love with a man who is her equal. Peaceful, that is, until a man comes crashing into her life - literally.

Sebastian Forbes is bumming his way around the globe, after his own career as a wildlife photojournalist came crashing down around his ears, thanks to his former lover. Determined to live up to the rumours she spread, he spends his time drinking and womanising. If that’s what people believe, then who is he to prove them wrong?

When career-driven Sadie and unmotivated, unconcerned Seb come together in paradise, it’s bound to be a bumpy ride. But they find that they need each other, for very different reasons. As her gap year comes to an end, and she returns home, with only her memories, they encounter each other again, in a very different environment. Can they move past their differences to create a paradise in London?

Thank you <3

Robyn Rychards said...

Dancing With the Best Man

Jade Nichols is the first to admit she has some issues. She doesn’t like physical contact or social situations. But she’d do anything for her younger sister Lexi. Including be the maid of honor in Lexi’s wedding and take dance lessons from celebrity dancer, Alejandro Rivera. Though it may end up giving her a nervous breakdown.

Alejandro Rivera only cares about two things; dancing and his dance studio for underprivileged children. Women? Well, they’re just something for him to enjoy whenever he feels the need. And Jade Nichols? One screwed up mess he could well do without. So, why can’t he stop thinking about her, or keep his hands off her for that matter?

r4doodlebugs at yahoo dot com

Nina said...

Thanks so much for this Nicola and Flo!

Title: Making Music Together

Pitch: When good-girl Sophie Durrant goes against the wishes of her adoptive blue- blood family and secretly enters and wins a jazz contest she is shocked to receive a death threat warning her not to accept the prize.

Even worse than the ensuing publicity is the identity of her bodyguard: enter an unwelcome blast from her past – ex-convict, hot-as-sin Ethan Silver.

Ethan is searching for redemption – he made sure he got this job and is determined to protect Sophie whether she likes it or not – so will this gorgeous bad-boy from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks be Sophie's final undoing?

email: nwagle at talktalk dot net

Nina said...

In for a penny in for a pound - thanks again Flo and Nicola!

Title: How to Bag A Billionaire

Pitch: Kooky investment broker Katie Evans has had enough of trying to get hotel magnate Adam Monroe alone - her solution? - to gate crash his charity gala in spectacular fashion.

After a chaotic childhood Katie lives and breathes bonds and gilt edged securities - she has no time for something as undependable as love; after his marriage crashed and burned Adam believes in good old fashioned lust and nothing more.

But as they embark on a quest to find Adam’s nomadic father, their spiralling attraction threatens to become so much more – can Adam keep his heart barricaded and his past locked down or will Katie be his ultimate downfall?

Email: nwagle at talktalk dot net

Misty Shaw said...

Title Fallen Angel

Once a Caterer to the rich and famous Melanie Black's reputation is in the gutter, the only job offer on the table is one from reclusive millionaire Jase O'hara cater a Children's party. Their past's return to haunt them at the launch of a new children's home can they stand together united or will they allow their exes to be their downfall.

Thank you for the oppotunity

Anonymous said...

The Principles of Lust

Ginger St. Clair is a sociologist who thinks Internet dating is full of liars, suckers and, worst of all, one-night-stands--and it's the crux of the study she's written and is about to submit for publication. George Howell is the CEO of the largest dating site in the world--and the one in Ginger's crosshairs--and his spidey sense tells him that Ginger's Hollywood-ready looks are going to get this study lots of migraine-inducing press. George knows there's only one thing to do--he needs to prove Ginger wrong, even if it means putting himself in the middle of her science experiment.

susanstehle (at) yahoo (dot) com

Xandra James said...

Thanks for the opportunity to pitch!

xandrajames AT gmail DOT com

TITLE: Betraying The Secret Billionaire

Walking away from life in the public eye, Mitch Webster just wants peace and quiet after being hurt by money hungry, career obsessed women and he was more than happy to move on… Until beautiful firecracker DD Shaw barrels into his life, picking fights and tempting him more than anyone has the right to.

DD Shaw hadn't planned on working when she'd run home to lick her wounds after her editor boyfriend betrayed her, so finding out the "missing" son of a billionaire society family had bought her Nana's house in the small seaside town of Little Bee's was too much of a scoop to ignore – especially since he was hotter than the devil himself.

Now she has the chance to fix her ruined reputation and make her comeback in a blaze of glory, all by exposing Mitch's secret – if only she could ignore her conscience and the fact she was betraying the man she was falling in love with, of course.

Karin Baine said...

Thanks for this opportunity :)

Title: Picture of Innocence
By Karin baine

3 Line Pitch:
Hotel magnate, Nathaniel Ravenhill, took the trip to his island hideaway as time off from being paparazzi fodder. Freelance photographer, Kerensa Kirk, only stowed away with her friend to the celeb commune for a respite from her grief. Stranded during a storm, the ego-in-board-shorts and self-reliant shutterbug are forced to share their personal space and learn to trust someone other than themselves.

karinbaine AT Hotmail DOT Com

Anonymous said...

Title - Saving the CEO

Pitch - Jamie Tramontin needs to shed his playboy image and prove he’s respectable. Problem is the IT system has been hacked, he’s got a horrible feeling it’s his fault, and the only person who can help is a girl with a sexy bum, screwdriver and a brain like a computer.

And she thinks he’s a brainless babe magnet.

Opposites might attract, but is Kate Stafford prepared to drag her head away from her hard drive for long enough to solve his problems and risk finding out?


Jamie said...

Title: Never Say Never

Pitch: In the sultry heat of Miami, struggling singer Dean Copeland met the love of his life, Nadia Ferguson, but he chose ambition over her. When a twist of fate brings them together five years later, Nadia wants nothing to do with him, but when she needs his immense star power, she has no choice but to accept his demand that she give their relationship another try. She’ll string him along, then dump him – if only their attraction didn’t still burn hotter than ever.

Email: jamie.wesley @

Shelley Watters said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Title: Fear of Falling
Status: Partial
Email: swatterswrites at gmail dot com

It's been years since childhood friends Macey and Jason have seen each other – since the night he confessed his feelings for her and her brother Nate pulled the “you’re not good enough for her” card and made Jason realize that he was right. Jake leaves town and Macey’s left dazed and confused after learning the guy she’s been in love with since she was in pig-tails loves her back, only to have him swept from her life permanently, without her having any say in the matter. So when her car breaks down in a blizzard and guess who comes to her rescue, she can’t believe her knight in shining armor is wearing coveralls with grease smears – and now she's snowed in with the one man in the world who she wants more than anything, the one man in the world who she can never be with or betray her dead brother's memory.

AJ Albinak said...

Title: When the Lights Go Down

Maxie Tyler runs her stage management and prop supply company with the martial control of General Eisenhower, which is why she's cool as ice when business tycoon Nicholas Drake grills her about her ability to manage the new play on Chicago's Theater Row that his mother is determined to back. Nick isn't sure what to make of this woman who sets up breakfast meetings at a Jamaican jerk food truck and shows up in a different costume every time he sees her, but one thing is certain: they can't keep their hands off each other.

Her professional reputation is on the line and Nick makes it clear that he won't hesitate to shut the show down if it isn't a success, but between controlling the chaos backstage and controlling her own growing feelings, Maxie isn't sure she can hang on to her carefully protected heart when the lights go down.

Email: ajalbinak(at)earthlink(dot)net

Sun Chara said...

Hi! Thank you for this wonderful op!

Title: Undeniably Yours
Pitch: A mock proposal…a buy out…decadent chocolates definitely!

Hotshot Marco Corsini targets chocolate connoisseur, Jilleen Gilroy as his no wow weekend bride to rest the Corsini Chocolatier Corporation from his ‘evil’ twin. But Jilleen morphs into a hot babe with her own agenda…and no sexy boss in the mix.

Annie Rains said...

Title: The Marrying Kind

The plan is simple. Lexie Campbell has broken up with her non-committal boyfriend and moved to a small coastal town in N.C. for the summer, hoping her ex will realize what he’s lost and follow her with a proposal. When a forest fire strikes the N.C. town, however, and threatens Lexie’s rental home, she finds herself in the arms of a handsome firefighter, fighting feelings that might just send her perfect plans up in flames.

email: annierains(at)gmail(dot)com

Stefanie said...

Fantastic opportunity, thank you so much making it available ♥

Title: Love en Pointe


Teaching ballet to toddlers was not exactly what Jasmine Bell had in mind when she embarked on a career in dance; however, after a horrific car accident shatters her leg and her self-worth, Jasmine reluctantly hangs up her pointe shoes.

Grant Farley is a brooding football player with a wild-child past, who lands in Jasmine’s studio when he is sentenced to undertake ballet lessons for discipline. Good-girl Jasmine knows he’s trouble, she’s had guys like him before, but when sparks fly in the studio Jasmine can’t keep their student-teacher relationship professional.

When Jasmine falls hard for the tough guy with the heart of gold, Grant’s dark past reveals itself and Jasmine feels like she’s stepped back in time. Grant must convince Jasmine that he’s mended his ways and has the strength to mend her heart.


Fiona Marsden said...

Title: It's Complicated.

Pitch: Life is complicated for injured dancer Dana, having to find a new career and a pretend fiancé to take to the family Christmas to shake off her cheating ex, who happens to be her brother in-laws step-brother. Lucky her sister found someone willing to play the part for the sake of a free holiday, but fake fiancé Timothy isn’t that impressive. No dress sense, no looks to speak of and no visible means of support, yet his melting kisses are just the first of the surprises in store for Dana.

Sun Chara said...

Hi again! This is my second entry...thanks so much for this fun op!

Title: The Rebel and the Waitress

Pitch: Stolen kisses in the poolhouse…deceptive nights in the penthouse…

Rebel Millionaire, Adam Donovan is out to settle old scores with ex-socialite, Dorothea Wendell who spurned him years ago, while her father’s lies sent his father to prison.

Dorothea, now waiting tables in one of Adam’s bistros, agrees to his unconventional marriage prop to keep her mother alive. But maybe a kiss in the dark can turn the deal to recoup her inheritance from the rebel who’d stolen her heart and then crushed it.

D.D. Queens said...

Title: New Smyrna Swing

Pitch: Florida P.I. Jenna Palmer knows it’s going to be a bad day when she wakes up to find her Albert E. Gator mailbox smashed to smithereens, but things go from bad to worse after she returns home from a therapeutic mani-pedi to discover her ex inside her house—the same ex who’d run off with their lottery jackpot, plus a bartender from the local biker bar.

Bad enough he’s back, but that’s not the worst part: he’s dead, one of her old diving trophies plunged into his chest.

Now she has to solve the toughest case of her fledgling career—but while Jenna’s chasing down clues, the distractingly handsome but by-the-book Detective Bryce Johnson is chasing her, convinced that she knows more than she’s telling…

Email: dd.queens[at]yahoo[dot]com

Unknown said...

Sorry if this appears twice - am having trouble posting!
The Other Side of the Story
Faith is the editor of Australia’s most popular blog yet since being fired from her job at a national daily newspaper, she feels like a failure. When Cash, the successful Editor of a daily newspaper comes to town and condemns her website on national TV, Faith is thrust into a battle she doesn’t want to fight. But in order to save her reputation she must fight the Dark Lord of Sexy and ultimately risk her caged, fragile heart.
Faith overcomes the failures of her past to finally trust that Cash helps her find the strength to be who she really wants to be.

Unknown said...

Bugger. Forgot the email address:
Jennifer Rae:

Audrey Ford said...

Title: The Reluctant Princess

Cassie is independent and outspoken and she doesn’t believe in fairy tales. She is also stranded miles away from home. European-Crown-Prince-on-the run, Nik, has the last hire car. Nik is achingly handsome and heartbreakingly flawed. And trying to remain incognito. Cassie is forced to concoct a convoluted lie about needing to get home for her own wedding. Can she keep up the uncomfortable charade that she has a fabulous fiancé when she is already falling for Nik? And what will she do when she discovers who he really is?

Anonymous said...

"Hero or Zero"

When single parent Chloe Jones wins a magazine competition, the prize of her dreams is
her favourite actor, handsome TV star Ethan Blake, coming to stay with her for a month.
But what is it they say? You should never meet your heroes?
Throw in Chloe’s seven year old son Danny; her estranged singer Dad;
Max, the frustrated musician who is Danny’s Father; her lethario brother Jamie….not to mention Sean Jeffries, Ethan’s aloof agent.

After all this lot, Chloe’s wishing for the quiet and solitary life she had
before…..or is she? As Ethan begins to show his true colours; her brother Jamie's complicated love life becomes even more complicated; her Father tries to make amends and Sean Jeffries intense presence makes Chloe uneasy, she learns that the real heroes often don't come from the TV screen and are usually closer to home....

Anonymous said...

Leigh Hart

Partial: Rescue Me

Charlie Anderson has a disastrous track record in choosing the right man for herself, so she decides to give up on men and adopt a rescue dog instead. But she doesn’t count on hottie veterinarian Jase Summerfield’s determination to get into her bed. Turns out Charlie’s just as bad at choosing the right dog, and she’s faced with needing Jase’s help to get her dog’s behaviour back on track. Will Charlie take one last chance and let Jase rescue her from her plan for a single life?

Maria Ferrer said...


When her baby sister announces her wedding, Marisol Rivera becomes the official old maid of the family. Once admired, she is now pitied. And, as if that were not bad enough, she is about to be jobless, homeless and loveless. There is one man Marisol is hot for, but he is a colleague and she has a very strict no-dating-a-coworker policy. After all, once burned, twice shy.

Chef Leo Quintero’s mouth waters – while other parts of him spring to attention! – in the presence of Marisol. She is smart, beautiful, and curvy in all the right places. When she refuses all of his invitations, Leo realizes he must find other ways to tempt this beauty -- he will tempt her palate and her senses until their mutual surrender.

Anonymous said...

Taming Of His Rebellious Temptress

"Going somewhere Miss Harper?" Came a deep masculine voice from somewhere in the darkened room.
Darcy spun around, horrified.
"You being a Harvard graduate, should realise that kidnapping is a serious crime."

K. Ali


Maria said...

Nicola / Flo -- just realized I am a day too late for the pitching contest. Sorry about that. Maybe next time.

Good luck to all the entrants. ---maria

Unknown said...


Isn't the contest over at midnight EST (or 11:59 EST--as in, Eastern Standard Time?) It's 1:18 EDT 9may 14th) here and 6:17 BST (May 14th) in the UK.

I think we still have time to pitch, Maria! Correct me if I'm wrong, Nicola and/or Flo?

Unknown said...

Title: Boy You May Also Like

Pitch: Baby name expert Missy Jameson has a few choice words for former Navy SEAL Rade Carey, and she hates to admit: “What’s your name again?” tops the list. And Rade thought he was suffering post-traumatic amnesia, not that he could ever forget the curvy blonde beauty... But Missy’s too busy refereeing the name-calling between her power-couple parents to explain her temporary memory lapse or the positive results of their one-night stand to the decorated hunk.


Unknown said...

*Forgot to add on: thank you Nicola and Flo for this crazy rare (and equally crazy generous) opportunity. I mean a WEEK, what?! :)

Tricia Quinnies said...
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Tricia Quinnies said...

Word Count: 50,000
Category Contemporary Romance

E-mail: tquinniesATgmailDOTcom

Sadie Maxon is almost done baking desserts and waitressing at her father’s trendy diner in Lake Geneva. She’s anxious to leave the resort town to finish grad school in Chicago. When Quinn Laughton, a hunky contractor renovating the Wrigley mansion, offers to buy the crumbling diner, she can’t resist his sexy, down-to-earth sweetness. But Sadie returns to Chicago and discovers Quinn is really a member of the prestigious Wrigley family. Sadie’s unsure if it was her or her family’s legendary diner that attracted Quinn. To convince Sadie of his intentions, Quinn mixes up a batch of passion and romance for her. But will Sadie’s small town sensibilities be swayed by Quinn’s big city charm?

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Title: Highland Bliss

When Nell Harper finds out that Callum Fraser intends on evicting her aunt from her Highland cottage, she vows to make life as difficult as possible for the local businessman and landowner.

But Callum is used to getting his own way and he’s not about to let some mouthy female tell him how to run his business.

It’s just a shame that “the Mouth” also has a body that stir feelings in Callum he’d rather ignore...

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Title: All or Nothing

After ten years, T.J. Drummond must face the sins of her past and returns home to attend a wedding and confront the town that cast her out.

James Robertson has been plotting his sexual revenge for the last ten years and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to get back at the woman he loves to hate--the woman who left him high and dry.

When they reunite, the sparks are bigger than ever but T.J. and James must face their past if they have any hope for a future.

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Title: Cracking the Love Code

Computer programmer Kat Llewellyn lacks social graces, but that doesn't matter since she can code at home. But she's thrust into image consultant Jack Ruiz's orbit when she needs a makeover to get funding for her dream project. Will Jack be distracted by Kat's image, or will be he able to crack the code to her heart?

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