"BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is a fun, flirty story with a snarky, mischievous tone and an underlying theme of self-discovery. The book is lush with humor, sensuality and lively characters who wouldn't know a cliché if it handed them a masala chai." (USA TODAY)

"BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD (Top 5 Best South Asian Fiction 2011) Romance lit you can read without guilt. Clever, funny and romantic enough to appeal to the Bollywood-lover in all of us." (Divanee)

"BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD was everything I could hope for in a romance novel! It was cute, funny, and the characters were exceptionally charming...Any fans of romantic comedy novels will find Nicola Marsh's BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD a must-buy!!" (Totally Bookalicious)

"USA TODAY Bestselling Author Nicola Marsh's BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is truly a magical read. The witty banter and the flirting, the breathtaking romance, the spectacular emotional punch, and the believable conflict of how traditional Indian families organize and interfere in any and everything had me flipping pages late into the night. The vivid atmospheric details amid the fast paced story kept me spell bound!" (Nas, reader)

"BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD will appeal to all the starry-eyed romantics that lurks in us all. Filled with humourous moments, sexy and flirty antics conflicts of interest and an insight into the Customs and traditions of the Indian community you will find this read a journey of many things." (Katrina, reader)

"I'm not a huge fan of mainstream contemporary stories. It has to be REALLY special in order for me to like it. So, by giving Nicola Marsh's upcoming release 4 1/2 stars, that is huge. I really, really enjoyed this book. BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is, in my opinion, an exciting and welcome combination of Sex and the City and Bollywood. I have one word for my reaction to this book: hungry." (Shelley, reader)

BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD: "Fun, flirty and filled with fabulous sounding food!" (Marg, reader)

WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE?: "The story is fast paced and fun, yet has a serious side about the things in life that are most important." (4 stars, Romantic Times Magazine)

GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS: "...a fun read with likable characters." (Romantic Times)

DESERTED ISLAND, DREAMY EX! - "…an enjoyable read…the chapters begin with tweets and blogs, these made the book feel current but also provided insights into the different ways the two viewed the same experiences on the island…the book is light and entertaining…" (All About Romance)

"Fresh, funny, flirty and feel-good - who can resist one of Nicola Marsh's delectable category romances? Written with plenty of style and brimming with sassiness and sensuality, if you like Rachel Gibson, you'll adore Nicola Marsh and her latest Harlequin Presents novel OVERTIME IN THE BOSS'S BED!" (PHS reviews)

"Fast-paced, sassy, sexy and sparkling with witty repartee, delicious humour and sizzling sensuality, OVERTIME IN THE BOSS'S BED is a fabulous page-turner readers will devour in a single sitting! With a charismatic heroine, a drop dead gorgeous hero, heartfelt emotion, electrifying sensuality and engrossing pathos, OVERTIME IN THE BOSS'S BED is feel-good romance at it's best!" (CataRomance)

OVERTIME IN THE BOSS'S BED "The saucy heroine is well matched to the driven alpha hero. Marsh does an admirable job of challenging her characters to confront their innermost fears and find love in the process.." (4 stars, Romantic Times)

THREE TIMES A BRIDESMAID… "the characters are nicely rounded and the hero in particular is very charming." (4 stars, Romantic Times)

MARRIAGE: FOR BUSINESS OR PLEASURE?: "This lovers-reunited tale is awash in passion, sensuality and plenty of sparks. The terrific characters immediately capture your attention, and from there, the pages go flying by.” (Romantic Times Top Pick)

A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON : "Sterling characters, an exotic setting and crackling sexual tension make for a great read. The realistically paced romance is also refreshing." (4 1/2 stars, Romantic Times)

"Wonderful escapist adventure…reads like a breeze and is the ideal romantic tale for any armchair traveler… India's sights, sounds, aromas, and foods all come alive on the pages, making this romance an absolute delight." (Romance Reader at Heart) A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON

"The descriptions of Indian food made my mouth water. The Palace on Wheels, the luxury train they took through India, fascinated me." (All About Romance) A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON

"A TRIP WITH THE TYCOON is a wonderfully evocative, highly poignant and thoroughly mesmerizing romantic read which I found absolutely impossible to put down." (CataRomance)

TWO WEEKS IN THE MAGNATE'S BED: "This fun and flirty shipboard romance features an entertaining twosome who will charm readers." (Romantic Times)

"TWO WEEKS IN THE MAGNATE'S BED sparkles with oodles of charm, humour, sizzling sexual tension and tender romance! Don't miss it!" (PHS Reviews)

"THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY: Tender, emotional and true to life, poignant romance does not get any better than this!" (CataRomance)

"When I read one of Nicola Marsh's stories I know that the plot will be fast and fun, the characters smart and sexy and the writing flawless. A story about compromises and commitment, THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA is both emotionally satisfying and entertaining. I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to more from this talented author." (Romance Reader at Heart)

"I simply cannot get enough of Nicola Marsh's irresistible contemporary romances! THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA is fun, flirty, sexy and impossible to put down. With its wonderful blend of dynamic characters, blazing sensuality and poignant romance, The Boss's Bedroom Agenda will send your temperature soaring on a cold October day!" (CataRomance)

"From the moment these two meet, the attraction simmers until it finally explodes. What a nice change of pace that these two start out as equals on a journey that's filled with emotional twists and turns." (Romantic Times, on THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA)

"THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL is a wonderful modern fairy tale...does a near perfect job of whisking one away from the everyday...the best parts of this book reminded me of afternoons spent watching old romantic movies." (All About Romance)

"fast, wonderfully well-written read, it rekindles every fantasy about Prince Charming, exotic desert lands and being swept off my feet I ever had. Ms. Marsh's characters are quick-witted, intelligent and definitely have chemistry enough to make the romance sizzle. The setting is wonderful, with plenty of details to make it all come to life. THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL is a great, bite-sized romance! Well done!" (Romance Reader at Heart)

"Forget about Sex and the City:The Movie, if it's fresh, flirty and feel-good you're after then pick up Nicola Marsh's latest Modern Heat: HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY!...a steamy, sexy and fun contemporary romance that sparkles with glamour, humour, sophistication, passion and plenty of style!...a fast-paced sizzler by a writer who writes deliciously sensual contemporary romances that pack plenty of emotional punch! Don't miss it!" (CataRomance)

"MISTRESS TO THE TYCOON by Nicola Marsh is a great sizzling romance from beginning to end." (Romance Reader at Heart)

"MISTRESS TO THE TYCOON. This book is stunning! I adored this book; it's charming, funny and sexy and extremely moving thanks to Nicola Marsh!" (Marilyn's Romance Review)

"PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE is a fun, fast-paced story. This book is well written, the dialogue is witty and the characters, even the secondary characters, are likeable. What more could anyone ask for from a fast read? PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE is aptly named if what you're looking for is a light-hearted romantic romp." (Romance Reader at Heart)

"an enjoyable story about the rocky road to love. Kate and Tyler are likable characters, and the side story of Tyler's friend, Mary, and her work at an orphanage makes a nice addition to the main plot in Nicola Marsh's PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE" (Romantic Times)

"PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE is a charming book and is going to be reread." (Coffee Time Romance)

"An irresistible story of seduction, pleasure and reminiscing PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE takes the reader on a ride through unforgettable memories.Ms Marsh deserves kudos for writing a fantastic story about an alpha male who learns that life doesn't end but only begins when he loves the right woman."(CataRomance)

"EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE is a magnificent book of how two people travel the route of looming parenthood and relationship woes together." (CataRomance)

"EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE has excellent characterization and scene setting, is humorous and dramatic. A great choice in short light romance reads. Brilliant characterization and scene setting. Emotionally moving." (Merrimon Book Reviews)

"Funny, witty and sensually enticing two TWO-WEEK MISTRESS by Nicola Marsh left me laughing at the antics of her characters while enjoying the sensuality of this novel." (CataRomance)

"PRINCESS AUSTRALIA....delicious hero...sparkling dialogue." (Romantic Times)

"PRINCESS AUSTRALIA is a charming story of strength and conviction, with a hero and heroine that must trust each other before they can really appreciate their unique relationship." (CataRomance)

"Nicola Marsh's INHERITED: BABY makes an impact through character and conflict. Both Maya and Riley are likable because of their flaws, and their push-pull dynamic seems very natural." (Romantic Times)

"Nicola Marsh's CONTRACT TO MARRY has a well-developed conflict and plenty of snappy dialogue. More than that, Darcy and Fleur are handled beautifully." (Romantic Times)

"FOUND: HIS FAMILY by Nicola Marsh is a tender, sweet, emotion packed story. Nicola Marsh is a talented author that can weave a story that not only deals with emotional subjects but also creates a new beginning for all involved. FOUND: HIS FAMILY is a wonderful sentimental keeper for me." (CataRomance

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