Saturday, July 19, 2008

Calling all sexy writers!

Harlequin Mills and Boon are running another fabulous contest to discover new authors and this time it's for the Modern Heat/Presents series (Sexy Sensation in Australia), one of the fab series I write for.

So if you like writing sexy, have a fun, fresh, flirty voice and would love to be published in this series, why not give it a go?

All details for the FEEL THE HEAT contest are here.

Good luck!

Friday, July 18, 2008


CONTRACT TO MARRY is out now in Germany (in a collection with Kim Lawrence, Sharon Kendrick and Jennie Lucas.) You can buy it here.

The title is MIT DIR IM SIEBTEN HIMMEL which translates to 'With You in Seventh Heaven'.
Cute, huh?

I'm always intrigued by foreign translations and the titles. And I often wonder if the stories are the same or something gets lost in the translation?
Would love to hear from anyone who has read my books in another language :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another great review for my desert prince

You've heard the lovely things ALL ABOUT ROMANCE and ROMANCE READER AT HEART had to say about my desert prince, now I've had another great review, this time from CataRomance.

Here's a snippet:

The fabulous Nicola Marsh always manages to imbue her award-winning Harlequin Romances with lots of fun, wit and sophistication, whilst retaining the warmth, tenderness and intensity of the Romance imprint that has kept readers from all over the world entranced for decades!

Warm-hearted, fresh, tender and compelling, Nicola Marsh’s The Desert Prince’s Proposal is the perfect book to lose yourself in on a hot summer night! With a wonderful cast of characters, a fast-paced plot and plenty of emotional power, The Desert Prince’s Proposal is another spellbinding romance from a wonderful novelist with a wonderfully bright future ahead of her.

And over at the Pink Heart Society reviews we have this:

Tender, romantic, warm-hearted, sassy and feel-good, The Desert Prince’s Proposal is a classic Sheikh romance that sparkles with plenty of wit, humour and charm! Don’t miss the latest page-turner by talented romance writer Nicola Marsh!

Right, now I'm feeling pumped I'm off on a research trip tonight.
Will tell you all about it on Monday :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest review

Here's the latest review for HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY (hitting Aussie and New Zealand shelves in August.)

Nicola Marsh sets the stage for a steamy read in HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY. The tropical environment of the photo shoots helps to play on the emotions Abby and Judd are feeling as they work closely together. Both have tried to deny their chemistry but it is impossible when what they really want to do is the direct opposite. I loved the frank discussions of friendship and lust Judd and Abby shared. Complexities abound for them as they do not want to lose their friendship. At the same time, the reader is definitely rooting for them. Their bond is very strong but with Judd’s fears of relationships, of settling down and not traveling all over the world, it makes it difficult for Abby to trust in his avowals of love. HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY is steamy and has several interesting character complexities that keep the story fresh.

ROMANCE JUNKIES gave it a blue ribbon rating of 4, a book they would recommend to all their friends :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

COVER TO COVER: The final result

From this (last September)

To this: THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY (yay, I now have a title!) a Harlequin Romance, out in May 09.

Way too long to wait considering I think this is the best book I've written and I absolutely love it! I hope you will too.

If you want to follow the creation of this book from start to finish, click on the Cover to Cover link in the sidebar.

And if you want to see all the 'under the covers' action and read a brand new excerpt, head on over to my website.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Double whammy!

If you're in Australia and New Zealand, August sees 2 of my books hit the shelves.
But if you can't wait that long, both these books are available online NOW!

Fancy a bit of sizzle on a Whitsunday island? Check out HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY, available here.

Fancy the scorching kisses of a desert prince? Check out THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL here.

Or why not indulge and grab both? ;)