Friday, July 18, 2008


CONTRACT TO MARRY is out now in Germany (in a collection with Kim Lawrence, Sharon Kendrick and Jennie Lucas.) You can buy it here.

The title is MIT DIR IM SIEBTEN HIMMEL which translates to 'With You in Seventh Heaven'.
Cute, huh?

I'm always intrigued by foreign translations and the titles. And I often wonder if the stories are the same or something gets lost in the translation?
Would love to hear from anyone who has read my books in another language :)


Dena said...

Hi Nic. That is a great translation. Sometimes they don't make sense and a lot are really funny. There other day I got an email not for books but for everyday things in Japan and the English translations were so funny.

Barbara Martin said...

It is interesting how different countries change the titles of your books. Hopefully the content doesn't change too much either.

Nicola Marsh said...

You're right, Dena.
I think some are very funny :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Barbara,

yeah, I'm really hoping the content doesn't change too much!