Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big boy

So who's a big boy now?

My 3 year old, that's who!

Yesterday was the first day of kinder. Actually, it's pre-kinder and we're doing one morning a week to start off with to see how we go. (Interpretation? To see how mummy copes without her darling little boy at home!)

He loved it!
And mummy wandered around the shops next door feeling a tad lost. Did some boring grocery shopping, went to the bank, bought a magazine and had a yummy choc mint ice chiller at Gloria Jean's. It was great!

Next week, I'll be prepared. Alphie will come with me and while I have another of those choc mint yummies, I'll see how many words I can do.
Though I haven't written in the daytime for a long, long time...but with a choc mint or two under my belt I'm sure I'll be inspired :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How I write a book

Both my buddies Ally Blake and Trish Wylie are going through the writing process on their blogs at the moment, and it's really interesting to see how different authors tackle the writing process.

Considering I've just finished and handed in my next Romance, and have to start my next Modern Extra rather quickly to finish before baby arrives, I think I'll play along too.

So stay tuned for the start of a new book!

And the process from beginning to end though I warn you, I'm not a visual writer (so don't use loads of fab pics like Ally) and I'm not as elaborate with planning my characters as Trish, so this 'how I write a book' series might be short and sweet!!!

So far, I have a title: PICTURE PERFECT.

And a vague idea of characters, which I will begin to flesh out tomorrow...

Monday, January 15, 2007

The fun of author copies

Okay, I can't help but post this cover pic again, I love it so much!

The author copies for TWO-WEEK MISTRESS just arrived on my doorstep and the excitement of ripping open that cardboard box and holding my book in print for the first time never, ever wans.

I particularly enjoy reading the blurb and seeing what the eds have come up with. Here's what we have for this book:

Won over by a wombat, and one sexy guy...

Sexy, successful children's writer Bo Bradford prefers his life private and straightforward, with no complications-especially not pretty blonde ones like Tahnee Lewis, whom he's hired to illustrate his latest book.

But when he realises that Tahnee's undoubted artistic talents can bring to life his latest character Wally the Wombat, Bo does what any sensible bloke would and makes the most of the situation-by proposing a neat two-week affair with simple rules: no strings, no silly falling in love...

But when her fortnight's up can Tahnee forced herself to walk away from Wally and his impossible, infuriating, irresistible creator...?

I loved starting each chapter with an excerpt from author Bo's blog, and creating cute little Aussie critters like Wally the Wombat, Kaz the Kangaroo and Prue the Platypus to name a few. Did I mention this was another fave book of mine? :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

New cover!

I love the excitement of seeing a new cover.
And this one is no exception!
While my first Modern Extra, BIG-SHOT BACHELOR is currently on UK shelves, here's the cover for my next, TWO-WEEK MISTRESS, out in March.
Tahnee and Bo do have a picnic near Sydney Harbour and this kiss captures the mood of that picnic perfectly.
And I love the sun glinting through. Very evocative.
I know BIG-SHOT BACHELOR was a fave book, but I reckon this one equals it. It was so much fun writing a sparky heroine who delights in bringing the reclusive author out of his shell.
And starting each chapter with an excerpt from the hero's blog (featuring Wally the Wombat) was another bit of fun I couldn't resist!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

First book syndrome...second time around!

My first Modern Extra, BIG-SHOT BACHELOR, has now hit the shelves in the UK and I'm going through the same feelings that every author goes through when their first book is released.
Uncertainty. Nerves. Panic.
Will people like this book?
Will they think I'm a fraud?
Or worse, will they think I'm a one-book wonder?
This book is my 9th release but my first in this line and the feelings are back. So far, I've had my editor read it and love it (she said I depicted boho Melbourne so well she wanted to jump on a plane and head down here straight away, and she loved Ariel so much she wanted to be her best friend) so that was high praise and soothed the nerves for a while.
I've also had a 4 and a 1/2 star review from Cataromance recently but that's it. I haven't heard from anyone else who has read it.
So the nerves are working overtime!
Better head off to brunch and soothe them :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

And the sex is...

In all the excitement/exhaustion of Christmas and the New Year, I think I forgot to reveal the teeny-weeny detail of what I'm having in May?
Due to the terrible morning sickness (that is such a misnomer when it lasts from when you open your eyes in the morning to when you close them last thing at night!) most people swore I was having a girl. I'd almost convinced myself too because no way was I this sick first time around.
So, what's the verdict?
Like I said, the doc isn't 100% sure as the glimpse was fleeting. For me, it was long enough to see something between those legs...
IT'S A BOY!!!!!!
I'm really thrilled, as some small insane part of me thinks boys are easier to raise than girls? I know, I know, leave me to my delusions till they hit the teenage years at least!
Mind you, I know of someone who was told they were definitely having a boy only to have a girl pop out at the business end. Apparently, it had been a hand they'd seen between the legs at ultrasound time!!!
So now you all know :)