Thursday, January 11, 2007

New cover!

I love the excitement of seeing a new cover.
And this one is no exception!
While my first Modern Extra, BIG-SHOT BACHELOR is currently on UK shelves, here's the cover for my next, TWO-WEEK MISTRESS, out in March.
Tahnee and Bo do have a picnic near Sydney Harbour and this kiss captures the mood of that picnic perfectly.
And I love the sun glinting through. Very evocative.
I know BIG-SHOT BACHELOR was a fave book, but I reckon this one equals it. It was so much fun writing a sparky heroine who delights in bringing the reclusive author out of his shell.
And starting each chapter with an excerpt from the hero's blog (featuring Wally the Wombat) was another bit of fun I couldn't resist!


Margaret McDonagh said...

Fantastic cover, Nic. It's gorgeous.


allyblake said...

Yummo Nic!!! Far far too long before it hits Australian bookshelves. :(

Those lucky "UKites!!!


Nicola Marsh said...

Yeah, not fair.
We're lagging too far behind!