Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Big boy

So who's a big boy now?

My 3 year old, that's who!

Yesterday was the first day of kinder. Actually, it's pre-kinder and we're doing one morning a week to start off with to see how we go. (Interpretation? To see how mummy copes without her darling little boy at home!)

He loved it!
And mummy wandered around the shops next door feeling a tad lost. Did some boring grocery shopping, went to the bank, bought a magazine and had a yummy choc mint ice chiller at Gloria Jean's. It was great!

Next week, I'll be prepared. Alphie will come with me and while I have another of those choc mint yummies, I'll see how many words I can do.
Though I haven't written in the daytime for a long, long time...but with a choc mint or two under my belt I'm sure I'll be inspired :)


Rachael said...

Hey Nic - trust me, when your baby comes, you'll be glad of kindy!

Rach (who wishes I had a kinder aged toddler!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicola Marsh!!!! My name is nicola marsh!!! NICOLA MARSH!!! u inspire me , i have read many of your books, and my teacher knew how much i loved them, so bought me inherited baby for a start of year 12 present. i live in adelaide, and i am always dancing around the house screaming when i find out that the next book is about to be realeased. thankyou so much for your interesting books and your advice about life. thankyou very much, look foward to seeing you. love love love nicola marsh, from adelaide. i would love a reply my email is p.s. you are my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Rach, that's exactly what I was thinking! Even those 2 hours a week is a mini-break :)

how cool!
I've heard from another Nicola Marsh in the USA and now you too!!
I'm so glad you enjoy my books :)
And good luck with Year 12!

allyblake said...

Aaaawwww, Nic. That's so lovely. (And I'm sure I left this post yesterday - not sure where it went!!!)

Anyhoo, wishing you and your lovely 3yo fab fun in this new chapter. And many choc mint ice chillers to help you through ;).