Monday, January 15, 2007

The fun of author copies

Okay, I can't help but post this cover pic again, I love it so much!

The author copies for TWO-WEEK MISTRESS just arrived on my doorstep and the excitement of ripping open that cardboard box and holding my book in print for the first time never, ever wans.

I particularly enjoy reading the blurb and seeing what the eds have come up with. Here's what we have for this book:

Won over by a wombat, and one sexy guy...

Sexy, successful children's writer Bo Bradford prefers his life private and straightforward, with no complications-especially not pretty blonde ones like Tahnee Lewis, whom he's hired to illustrate his latest book.

But when he realises that Tahnee's undoubted artistic talents can bring to life his latest character Wally the Wombat, Bo does what any sensible bloke would and makes the most of the situation-by proposing a neat two-week affair with simple rules: no strings, no silly falling in love...

But when her fortnight's up can Tahnee forced herself to walk away from Wally and his impossible, infuriating, irresistible creator...?

I loved starting each chapter with an excerpt from author Bo's blog, and creating cute little Aussie critters like Wally the Wombat, Kaz the Kangaroo and Prue the Platypus to name a few. Did I mention this was another fave book of mine? :)

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JENNA said...

THAT is a fantastic cover!

OK...and the word verification is making me giggle. mmmm cow

That's what my dad says whenever he barbeques!