Monday, May 25, 2009

Keeping the passion

Quick drop in at the folks to post this because I'm still on a high.

Library talks give me a buzz.
Enthusiastic readers and writers eager to hear about romance writing make me smile and I love discussing my passion.

Especially exciting when there are writers targeting M&B in the group and last night, I had the pleasure of meeting a lady targeting M&B Sexy. We discussed loads and she thanked me for the helplful writing articles on my website.

Really hit home how much shared knowledge means to people.

So if you're out there and reading this and have a burning question to ask me, fire away (in email if you're shy.)

I might eventually get to respond when I'm back online!

Friday, May 22, 2009

The cover fairies have been kind

In all my computer angst, I've discovered the cover for my Indian book up on Amazon.

Isn't it GORGEOUS?

Absolutely my favourite cover in encapsulating some major scenes in the book. I'd hoped for the Taj Mahal on the cover and looks like the cover fairies have granted my wish.

And Tamara looks spot on, half Indian half Australian.

Ethan isn't exactly like Hugh Jackman but a gal can't have everything, right? ;)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Babies and romance

Remember this cover?

Well, this month all the books in Harlequin Romance are baby focussed and it got me thinking...are babies romantic in fiction?

To check out my thoughts, visit the Harlequin Romance Authors blog today.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today's post should've been named men being contrary rather than yesterday.
Or should be 'boys being contrary' more to the point.

Last night was a mums' night out from school, our first dinner for the year.
I don't get out much. Can't think of the last time I went out without the kids. So was looking forward to it.
Felt a bit bad leaving toddler, who has my awful cold but he was happy enough. Prep kid had a mild rash on his cheek but was otherwise okay.

So what happens?
I'd barely set foot in the restaurant when the phone rings. Prep kid's rash has spread to his back and chest and he can't stop itching.
I issued instructions to head off to chemist for an antihistamine (obviously an allergic reaction to something, we haven't figured what yet) and to keep me posted.
But I couldn't do it, sit there in the restaurant and chatter while worried about kidlet.
So I left, after ten minutes.

I always put my kids first and never begrudge being with them 24/7.
But as the wonderful Barbara Samuel told me during a chat at last year's RWAus conference, I need to refill my well, take some me-time. I don't do it often enough.
I'm aiming to change all that.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reviews are in

Hot off the press, the latest reviews for THE BILLIONAIRE'S BABY.

"The supremely talented Nicola Marsh has written a wonderful heartwarming story that had me laughing and crying in equal measure. Fast-paced, romantic and thought-provoking, once you read the first page of The Billionaire’s Baby, you soon realize that putting the book down is not an option! Tender, emotional and true to life, poignant romance does not get any better than this!"

"Heartwarming, emotional and believable, The Billionaire’s Baby is the latest page-turner by talented Mills and Boon Romance author, Nicola Marsh!...The Billionaire’s Baby is just a wonderful story of second chances, new beginnings and the sheer strength of the human spirit. Nicola Marsh writes wonderful stories about modern women who know what they want and smart and sexy heroes her readers cannot resist falling in love. Romantic, engrossing and realistic, The Billionaire’s Baby shines with pathos, charm and heart and readers looking for a story they can lose themselves in shall certainly not be disappointed."
(PHS Reviews)

Now doesn't that make you want to snap up a copy right this very minute? ;)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I'm thrilled to announce my Harlequin Romance EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE is a finalist in the Best Traditional Romance category for the 2009 Golden Quill Awards.
This is the book that begins with a one night stand...highly unusual for one of my books and for the hero and heroine.
Nate is brooding...enigmatic...grieving.
Kristen is a 35 year old career woman at the top of her game.
Needless to say, an unplanned pregnancy shakes up both their worlds.
I'm thrilled the judges loved this book. Apparently it is an extremely close contest with the slimmest of margins between books and many judges commented on how hard it was to choose their favorites.
I know two finalists are fellow Romance authors Fiona Harper and Donna Alward, waiting to hear the other finalists. Tough field!