Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The end...not quite!

As far as word counts, I find I'm usually just on the mark. Rarely do I go over which is why PICTURE PERFECT is proving to be such a surprise for me.
Last night, I hit the 60000 word mark, which would usually do me. However, my characters have loads more to say, an absolute first for me! I'm hoping to wind them up tonight before letting them rest and getting into the editing process.
Ally Blake has an amazing talent for writing over word count then doing slashing afterwards. I find it so hard to cut words that I hope I don't go too far over. Otherwise I'll be sending an SOS Ally's way!
So why the gorgeous island pic?
Because for this book I made another lovely collage but haven't used it half as much as the sheikh book, yet the words flowed anyway. Interesting?
That said, the collage gives me a really good feel for the story which I find important in the revising process, so maybe I'll get to stare at it a while longer. The weird thing is I loved my first collage so much I still haven't taken it down! So my entire pinboard is taken up with both collages. Then again, I haven't had revisions for the sheikh book yet so the collage might get another good workout yet.

Friday, February 23, 2007

When flying words come to a grinding halt

I got back into PICTURE PERFECT with a vengeance last night. Wrote over 5000 words in the blink of an eye.
Okay, so it's not quite as easy as that but sometimes those words just seem to fly and oh, do I love that feeling...
The interesting thing is I usually have a very clear idea of how my books will end, it's the middle stuff that's hardest. With this book, the middle scenes have flowed but I have no idea about the upcoming scenes!
Judd and Abby are on a plane leaving Sapphire Island bound for Sydney as we speak but Judd's game plan has changed and he's hanging around Sydney rather than travelling into the wild blue yonder as usual. He wants more than a friendship, Abby doesn't and they seem a bit stuck (read: the author is very stuck!!)
Will be interesting to see if inspiration strikes some time over the next few days. Usually, it happens at the oddest of times, like in the supermarket aisle or while dozing off for a nap, so here's hoping! The ending is so close...
A few days ago Ally Blake blogged about motifs in her writing, a piece I found fascinating. I've never noticed them in my own writing but strangely enough, frangipanis seem to be a recurring feature in PICTURE PERFECT. I adore frangipanis (they remind me of the many romantic trips I've done to Bali with hubby) and their fragrance is highly evocative for me.
Interesting how we have subtle themes running through our books sometimes without realising it...

Friday, February 16, 2007

I'm a Cataromance finalist again!

Thanks to Trish Wylie, I've just discovered I'm a Cataromance Reviewers' Choice finalist again! With more than 1 book in more than 1 category!! Woo hoo!!!

INHERITED: BABY is up for Best Harlequin Romance and FOUND: HIS FAMILY has been nominated twice, once for Best Silhouette Romance and Best Mills and Boon.

I'm thrilled!

Here's a list of all the finalists in those 2 categories. (Some huge names, with many of my buddies in there. Yay!)


Her Christmas Wedding Wish Judy Christenberry Harlequin Romance November 1, 2006
Inherited: Baby Nicola Marsh Mills & Boon December 1, 2006
Project: Parenthood Trish Wylie Harlequin Romance November 1, 2006
Long Lost Father Melissa James Harlequin Romance October 1, 2006
Wanted: Outback Wife Ally Blake Harlequin Romance October 1, 2006
The Sheikh's Guarded Heart Liz Fielding Mills and Boon September 1, 2006


How To Marry a Billionaire Ally Blake Silhouette Romance November 1, 2006
Blind-Date Marriage Fiona Harper Silhouette Romance December 1, 2006
Rescued by Mr. Right Shirley Jump Silhouette Romance October 1, 2006
The Rancher Takes a Wife Judy Christenberry Silhouette Romance September 1, 2006
Found: His Family Nicola Marsh Silhouette Romance October 1, 2006
The Cinderella Factor Sophie Weston Silhouette Romance September 1, 2006
Nanny and the Beast Donna Clayton Silhouette Romance August 1, 2006
Her Millionaire Boss Jennie Adams Mills & Boon October 1, 2006
Here With Me Holly Jacobs Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006
One Man and a Baby Susan Meier Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006
The Bride's Best Man Judy Christenberry Silhouette Romance July 1, 2006

Phew, a tough field or what!

(And a special mention goes to my buddy Fiona Lowe, who has triple finalled in the Best Medical category with her first 3 books! )

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sold! Book 12

I've just sold my 12th book!!
PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE is my 3rd Modern Extra sale, and my 3rd ModEx release for this year.
It will hit the shelves in October.
This book is special because it's one of my early books, the 4th I ever wrote.
Back then in 2002, I had no idea which line I was targetting. Temptation was my favourite to read so Male For Sale was aimed at them. After dashing off the partial and not letting it sit(!) I sent it off, only to receive a standard rejection.
In the meantime, The Tycoon's Dating Deal was under consideration with the Mills and Boon UK office and this turned out to be my first published book.
So, Male for Sale has been sitting around in my PC collecting cyber dust.
Thankfully, not any longer!
As I'm waxing lyrical about the whole writing process of a book from start to finish, pop back tomorrow and I'll go through the interesting learning curve for transforming an old book into a sale.
In the meantime, I'll leave you with Wentworth Miller, the inspiration behind Navy SEAL Tyler James in the new version, PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE. (I'll give you the lowdown of how he's 'purchased for pleasure' at a man auction tomorrow too!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My first Sexy Sensation!

Hot off the press, here is the cover for my first Sexy Sensation BIG-SHOT BACHELOR!
So what do you think?
Don't they look perfectly natural and very, very happy?
The Sexy Sensation covers to date have been really hot! Loads of smooching, sexy clinches and bare flesh.
Mine feels almost tame in comparison ;)
This book is to be released in Australia in May so watch out for it.
For those who want a sneak peek, it's still available here.
In other Sexy Sensation news, I've just discovered TWO-WEEK MISTRESS will be released in Australia in July, the same month as my next Sweet release PRINCESS AUSTRALIA. Should be a busy month!
I'm planning on getting back into the writing tonight, seeing as I'm out tomorrow night doing the dinner thing with the physio girls. However, after doing kinder duty this morning, grocery shopping and cooking a lamb roast tonight, I'm bushed! Going to be one of those nights to force myself to sit in front of the computer, methinks....