Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The end...not quite!

As far as word counts, I find I'm usually just on the mark. Rarely do I go over which is why PICTURE PERFECT is proving to be such a surprise for me.
Last night, I hit the 60000 word mark, which would usually do me. However, my characters have loads more to say, an absolute first for me! I'm hoping to wind them up tonight before letting them rest and getting into the editing process.
Ally Blake has an amazing talent for writing over word count then doing slashing afterwards. I find it so hard to cut words that I hope I don't go too far over. Otherwise I'll be sending an SOS Ally's way!
So why the gorgeous island pic?
Because for this book I made another lovely collage but haven't used it half as much as the sheikh book, yet the words flowed anyway. Interesting?
That said, the collage gives me a really good feel for the story which I find important in the revising process, so maybe I'll get to stare at it a while longer. The weird thing is I loved my first collage so much I still haven't taken it down! So my entire pinboard is taken up with both collages. Then again, I haven't had revisions for the sheikh book yet so the collage might get another good workout yet.

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