Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My first Sexy Sensation!

Hot off the press, here is the cover for my first Sexy Sensation BIG-SHOT BACHELOR!
So what do you think?
Don't they look perfectly natural and very, very happy?
The Sexy Sensation covers to date have been really hot! Loads of smooching, sexy clinches and bare flesh.
Mine feels almost tame in comparison ;)
This book is to be released in Australia in May so watch out for it.
For those who want a sneak peek, it's still available here.
In other Sexy Sensation news, I've just discovered TWO-WEEK MISTRESS will be released in Australia in July, the same month as my next Sweet release PRINCESS AUSTRALIA. Should be a busy month!
I'm planning on getting back into the writing tonight, seeing as I'm out tomorrow night doing the dinner thing with the physio girls. However, after doing kinder duty this morning, grocery shopping and cooking a lamb roast tonight, I'm bushed! Going to be one of those nights to force myself to sit in front of the computer, methinks....

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