Sunday, April 27, 2008

A taste of 'Hot Nights'...

I always read my books when I first get them. Guess I'll never get over that amazing feeling that I actually wrote the story inside those covers...still feels surreal with each book...

I'm reading HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY at the moment and I have to say, it's one of my favourites. I love the banter between Judd and Abby, childhood friends who are now very hot lovers! And Tom and Tara, the secondary characters, are a hoot too. Love it!

So here's the snippet I promised:

Judd had never been a party guy.
Give him the plains of Africa or the jungles of South America any day. Sahara winds, Amazonian deluges, Asian typhoons…he loved the elements, loved the freedom, always had. He never felt whole unless he had a camera in his hand, capturing the animals that had held him enthralled since he’d opened his first text book at school and seen a huge, scary gorilla with bared teeth staring back at him from the page.
It had been his dream from that day on.
A dream that had evolved, developed, and landed him here, smack bang in babe heaven.
Taking a seat at a table near the bar he watched some of the models boogying on the dance floor and knew that partying definitely had something going for it. The exclusive resort was a walking advertisement for the hottest women on the planet and he wouldn’t be male if he didn’t notice and appreciate the luscious scenery.
As if on cue, Abby walked into the room and his mouth went dry.
In a flash he was transported back to the night of the high school dance and the precise moment he’d laid eyes on her in her first formal dress, a blue satin number with the tiniest of straps and outlandish puffy skirt, tottering down her porch steps towards him in ridiculous heels. She’d taken his breath away, the vision imprinted on his brain forever.
Friends weren’t meant to look like that!
With the dress outlining her body, glossy brown hair piled high with a few curling tendrils framing her face…that face, her blue eyes shining at him with pleasure and more than a hint of mystery in their depths.
And what had he done?
Fired the usual barbs her way, teased her mercilessly, while she stared at him with her beautiful eyes, sucking him in deeper and deeper till he couldn’t think straight let alone be responsible for his actions. So he’d done the only thing any normal, eighteen-year-old guy would have done.
He’d kissed her.
Correction, he’d pounced on her like some maniac, half expecting her to slap him silly. Instead she’d responded like a tigress, fuelling his passion till his hormones warred with his common sense in a raging battle. Fortunately, his common sense won and he’d played the whole incident down, laughing it off as an experiment between two friends trying to prove they’d just entered the world of grown-ups.
Now, staring at Abby in a fitted black halter dress outlining her curvy body to perfection, with her hair piled in a similar arrangement to that fateful night, he wondered if he’d been so fortunate after all.
He stood up and waved her over, drawing a chair out as she neared the table, unable to tear his eyes away from her.
“Not bad,” he murmured in her ear as she sat down, her light floral fragrance beckoning him closer and he pulled back with effort, resisting an irrational urge to place a kiss behind her ear.
She’d always loved it and the scent had haunted him over the years, a poignant reminder of her.
“Is that a compliment, Calloway?”
She’d used a minimum of makeup, just enough to highlight her eyes which glowed luminous in the reflected light from the lit torches around the perimeter of the room as he wondered if they’d always been that blue, that incandescent.
“Call me Judd,” he said, unable to quell the urge to flirt, hoping she’d join in the swing of things.
She batted her eyelashes, designed to tease. “In that case you can call me Abby.”
Judd smiled and reached out to run his hand slowly down her arm in a gesture that was part-friendly, part-daring, enjoying the flare of awareness in her eyes.
Maybe it was the balmy breeze, maybe it was the illusion of being secluded away on a tropical island and far enough away from reality, maybe it was the newfound heat sizzling between them: whatever it was, he wanted to push the boundaries of their friendship and see what happened.
“Abby. What a beautiful name. Conjures up all sorts of images like ancient stone churches surrounded by overgrown cottage gardens with oak trees reaching up to the endless blue sky the same colour as your eyes…”
Abby snorted and rolled her eyes. “Hey! I’m not one of your bimbos. You don’t have to lay it on that thick!”
Judd laughed and shrugged. “Can’t blame a guy for trying. So, what does the name Judd conjure up for you?”
He wondered if she’d take the bait and remember what she’d once told him all those years ago. By the glint in her eyes she wouldn’t disappoint.
“That’s easy, Judd Kane Calloway. A long, thin reed used to put cheeky boys like you back in their place.”
She reached over and tweaked his nose like she used to, resurrecting instant memories of their childhood years and reminding him of how long they’d been friends.
“Now, what does a girl have to do to get a drink in this place?”
“Let me guess, the usual?”
Her blue eyes sparkled with characteristic cheek while her lips curved in a coy smile he’d never seen before. “Nah…I’m feeling reckless tonight. Surprise me.”
As if noticing how stunning she looked wasn’t enough torture she had to go and throw him a curve ball like that. If he didn’t know better, he’d say she was definitely flirting with him again?
But that couldn’t be right. Abby teased him, riled him, and jibed at him but flirt?
No way.
This tropical air was definitely getting to him.
He called a waiter over, placed their orders including a cocktail for her guaranteed to regain the upper hand and leaned back in his chair.
“Nice outfit, by the way. Glad to know you take my advice so seriously.”
His greedy gaze skimmed the black silk clinging to her curves, ending just above her knees, accentuating her tiny waist, outlining her breasts…
He sat up and sent a frantic glance in the waiter’s direction, wishing their drinks would arrive ASAP.
He needed cooling down, badly.
“You think I wore this for you?”
If her smile had been coy before it turned positively smug now. “Still delusional from all that African heat, huh?”
He couldn’t back down from the challenge in her eyes even though continuing this conversation would only make it harder for him to view her as ‘just friends’ material.
He’d never backed down from one of her challenges and he’d be damned if he would now. Besides, he liked a hint of danger. Kept things interesting.
Reaching out to smooth an imaginary crease from the silk draped like liquid lava across her lower thigh, he said, “Well, I did say wear something sexy and boy, does this dress deliver.”
“Clothes maketh the woman and all that?”
She had him there.
If he agreed she’d know he thought she was sexy. If he disagreed he looked like a heel.
Thankfully, the waiter arrived as he wracked his brain for a quick response and deposited an icy beer in front of him and a wicked concoction of Cointreau, Galliano, pineapple juice and cream in a champagne glass for Abby.
“What’s this?”
She took a sip, her eyes widening imperceptibly as a faint pink stained her cheeks. “On second thoughts, don’t answer that. It’s got a kick like a mule and perhaps it’s better I don’t know. What my liver doesn’t know won’t hurt it.”
Struggling to keep a triumphant smile off his face, he said, “A Hot Dream.”
To his immense satisfaction, the pink in her cheeks deepened to crimson.
“Mmm…nice,” she murmured, her gaze firmly focused on the cherry stuck on the end of paper umbrella wedged precariously on the edge of her glass.
Her non-committal answer only spurred him on and he chugged on his beer before taking his stirring one step further.
“So, you like hot dreams, huh?”
Her blue-eyed gaze flew to his and for a split second he could’ve sworn he glimpsed a flicker of desire there before she quickly masked it with her telltale sass.
Raising her glass in his direction, she said, “The drink’s great. As for the rest you’ll never know.”

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Panic stations!

Have you missed me?

Last night was the pits!
On the phone to my Internet provider for 3 hours trying to get my emails to come through and my Internet to work.
Got hung up on once after half an hour and in the middle of reconfiguring, got told the same thing to do with the next guy, who then referred me onto my antivirus software company, then rang back and the third guy told me to do the same things but I ended up telling he'd missed a step!

It was a disaster!

Especially when your livelihood depends on the Internet and corresponding with your editor.
Bah!! Was I grumpy? A tad upset? Annoyed I'd wasted a whole evening on the phone only to have everything still not working?
You bet!

Their solution? Move me onto a higher level technician...who'd look at it in 2 working days!!!
Let's just say I was a little emotional by then and went to bed, only to fall into a dream-filled sleep where I could never access my PC ever again!!!

This morning, the cyber gods are smiling on me.
I'm back and have had a quick look at my 100 plus emails.

And posting that quick blurb I promised you days ago.

Working by day...

Abby Weiss could make her name as a stylist to the stars on a two-week photo shoot in a tropical island paradise. Even better, Judd Calloway, her best friend, will be the photographer. Nothing could be more fun than working with him...

Naughty by night!

...except spending hot, sexy, passionate nights with him! In the years since they last met Judd's become a charming, muscled, gorgeous hunk! Abby can't keep her hands off him-and the attraction's mutual.

And now Judd's got a proposal that he hopes will keep her right where he wants her: in his bed!

Will post the snippet soon!

Oh, it's good to be back... :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our first hot hero for the weekend

What with rushing around taking my own little heroes to get haircuts this morning and juggling a few other things, I thought I'd never get here to post!

But here I am and courtesy of Minna, we have another hot hero.

Meet David Boreanaz.

Now, I've heard of wet T shirt comps but never a wet shirt comp for guys. Maybe we can instigate them? ;)

I found another fabulous bath shot of him courtesy of google but it took ages to download and my littlest man isn't napping and yelling the house down, so must dash!

Hope you've got some more heroes lined up for tomorrow and don't go into hibernation mode like I usually do on Sunday :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Our third hot hero is burning up!

Or maybe that's me!

And I think I've found a towel shot to rival the famous 'Hugh Jackman in a towel' pic too. Check this out!

Meet the delicious Eddie Cibrian. (Thanks Dena!)
That bod.
Those dimples!
I'd never heard of Eddie...from my brief google search, looks like he's in Third Watch. Yowza! All that heat plus him on the screen? Must go get the entire collection and watch :)
This job is so tough, you have no idea...but hey, I love a challenge so please keep the hot heroes coming!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our second Hot Hero...

Without further ado, our second hot hero for the week is Henry Cavill.

Another total unknown to me, Henry is definitely hero material in an upcoming book.

He comes to us courtesy of Lisa, who says Henry is currently starring in The Tudors along with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who I already have stored in my hero folder for future reference!), Rufus Sewell and Jeremy Northam. What a cast!

Forgot to mention in Monday's post could all winners email me with their details and I'll send your prizes out.

Thanks for another day of fabulous heroes.
So, who's our next?
Over to you :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hot Hero Hunt begins!

As authors, we love finding inspiration for our characters, particularly our heroes.
There's nothing quite like researching a book before you begin, finding that perfect picture/expression/gorgeous guy to inspire your writing.

Interestingly, the same sexy guys keep popping up: Hugh Jackman, George Clooney, Wentworth Miller, among quite a few other popular actors/sportsmen/models. Now don't get me wrong, my hero file is bulging with pics and I've even cast my hero for my next book before finishing the current one.

But in my opinion you can never get too much of a good thing and seeing the same handsome faces crop up time and time again got me thinking...

I want to discover some new talent and that's where you come in!

Every day this week, I'd like you to come up with someone different.
Maybe a guy less known, less famous? Or someone famous most of us haven't heard of? Your choice!

I'll be choosing a winner daily and posting his pic here.

Whoever suggests that winner will be receiving 3 books: my 2 recent releases PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE (that Wentworth inspired!), EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE and my 07 Romance release, PRINCESS AUSTRALIA.If the winner has any of those books, they're welcome to choose a copy of another from my backlist.

So that's a chance to win 3 books, daily, for a week!

All you need to do is leave a comment suggesting your hot hero, preferably with a link so I can check him out, and that's it!

I'll post the winner from the previous day at midday Aussie time, to give everyone over-yonder-seas a chance too.

I'm sure it's going to be an arduous judging task for me but hey, somebody's gotta do it :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are doubt demons chasing you?

Ever had those doubt demons chasing you down as you write?

Undermining your confidence?

Taunting you?

Want to banish them? Check out my post over at the PHS today!

My lovely ed rang last night to discuss revisions for Wish Upon a Valentine. I made her cry, twice! So I'm glad I wasn't the only one who got a bit choked up over this one. I really love how this story has panned out: loads of emotion yet fun at the same time.

Camryn and Blane are going to be my focus over the next week.

If I don't get distracted by all those hot heroes to come, that is :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

New cover!

Had a few deliveries today.
First up, proof edits for THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA arrived this morning so technically I'm not here, as I'm about to put baby to bed, then kinder kidlet, then start on those and hopefully finish them tonight.
Was out for most of the day and when I got home, a lovely delivery of hardbacks of my next Romance, THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL out in July. So what do you think?
The new Rom covers are gorgeous though must admit, I was kinda hoping to see more of the prince on this one...the background is pretty spot on, featuring the garden in his private residence.
Want to know more about Sam and Bria? Here's the back blurb:
Saying yes to the Prince of the desert!
Time is running out for Prince Samman al Wali! In order to be crowned King, he must marry. He has rejected all his advisors' suggestions...then he is captivated by a unique pair of honey-coloured eyes and chooses Bria for his bride!
Bria Green is an intelligent, independent, modern woman. Samman tells her she'll agree to his proposal within a week. She's sure that the powerful Prince won't get his way.
But in the scorching heat of the desert, Samman's heady kisses may change Bria's mind!
Ooh...I'm getting excited about this one already! It's my first desert hero: very alpha, very strong, very sexy! And Bria's a super match for him in every way.
More about this book as we near the release date.
In the meantime, hope I've tantalised you :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

My PR manager

My husband is the least likely PR manager you'd imagine.

He doesn't read books (apart from mine when he's on holidays, have to love him for that alone!). Still remember him picking up my very first book, saying he doesn't have time to read, opening the first page out of curiosity then remaining in the chair for the next few hours while he finished it. Brings a smile to my face every time :)

He quite proudly tells all he meets his wife is a romance author. Considering he's a tradesman, most of the guys are in shock or don't believe him, till he promptly refers them to my website. See, PR at its best!

Now he's struck up a conversation with the girl at the local Fish'n'Chip shop he frequents, has discovered she's a romance reader and given her my business card, bless him. Yesterday, I dropped off some of my books for her and she was absolutely thrilled.
Ultimately, don't know if it was a good thing as hubby will probably get an extra serving of chips now, something his waistline doesn't need,
And now, I'll leave you with something very pleasant for the weekend.

Remember I said I had another lovely pic of Richard Armitage a while back?
Well, here it is. Enough to make a girl with a cold feel a whole lot better with just one look.