Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our second Hot Hero...

Without further ado, our second hot hero for the week is Henry Cavill.

Another total unknown to me, Henry is definitely hero material in an upcoming book.

He comes to us courtesy of Lisa, who says Henry is currently starring in The Tudors along with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (who I already have stored in my hero folder for future reference!), Rufus Sewell and Jeremy Northam. What a cast!

Forgot to mention in Monday's post could all winners email me with their details and I'll send your prizes out.

Thanks for another day of fabulous heroes.
So, who's our next?
Over to you :)


limecello said...

Oh my gosh - how could I have forgotten about Henry Cavill - great choice, Nicola!
I think he's a hottie and he's one of my favorite actors too - he's so versatile - Cillian Murphy.
Congratulations, Lisa!

CrystalGB said...

My choice for today is David Conrad from the tv show Ghost Whisperer. I had never seen him before he was on this show.

Susan said...

I'll go with Don Diamont today.

Lois said...

There's Peter Bergman from Young and the Restless. . . I don't watch the show, but he's mighty fine to look at! :)


Dena said...

Hi Nic, Henry and Gabriel(it wouldn't be a hardship to have his baby) are very good looking. Congrats Cindi and Lisa!

My choice today is Eddie Cibrian, he is so yummy! He has the sexiest dimples. OR

windycindy said...

Hello, Here are just a few more of my choices: Kostja Ullmann, Ben Barnes who plays Prince Caspian in the "Chronicles of Narnia!", and Charlie Hunnan. Thanks,Cindi

bamabelle said...

Okay, all these hotties are making me dizzy lol. In a good way, though. :)

Here is my hottie pick for today:

That's Paul Walker who was in The Fast and the Furious, Into the Blue, Eight Below, and other movies.

Cryna said...

Congratulations Lisa!!

My entry today would be Antonio Sabato,Jr.

Minna said...

Very nice! Hmmm... My choise is actor Peter Franzén:

nicki72182 said...

Justin Hartley..he's on Smallville sometimes...and used to be on my soap. :)

tetewa said...

Ryan Reynolds was hot in the last Blade movie. Nice Bod!

Nicola Marsh said...

Very nice :)

Jo said...

I think there should be a home country hotty for Nic. So I vote for Andrew Johns. Never could concentrate on a game when his thighs were out there!!

Nicola Marsh said...

don't get me started on footy players ;)
One of the many reasons I attended so many games each season before kiddies came along :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic!

My pick for today is: Channing Tatum

He is a major personal favourite of mine and you might have seen him in Step Up and She's the Man - who doesn't love a man who can dance, play soccer, flip and who knows what else?

Take a peek at:



Avi J said...

I choose for today Austrailian Crickter Michael Clarke, now that is a man (lol)

also Daniel Vettori from the New Zealand Cricket team

jennybrat said...

Alan Ritchson