Saturday, April 05, 2008

My PR manager

My husband is the least likely PR manager you'd imagine.

He doesn't read books (apart from mine when he's on holidays, have to love him for that alone!). Still remember him picking up my very first book, saying he doesn't have time to read, opening the first page out of curiosity then remaining in the chair for the next few hours while he finished it. Brings a smile to my face every time :)

He quite proudly tells all he meets his wife is a romance author. Considering he's a tradesman, most of the guys are in shock or don't believe him, till he promptly refers them to my website. See, PR at its best!

Now he's struck up a conversation with the girl at the local Fish'n'Chip shop he frequents, has discovered she's a romance reader and given her my business card, bless him. Yesterday, I dropped off some of my books for her and she was absolutely thrilled.
Ultimately, don't know if it was a good thing as hubby will probably get an extra serving of chips now, something his waistline doesn't need,
And now, I'll leave you with something very pleasant for the weekend.

Remember I said I had another lovely pic of Richard Armitage a while back?
Well, here it is. Enough to make a girl with a cold feel a whole lot better with just one look.


Jennifer said...

This entire post made me smile :-). Have a great weekend!

Eleni said...

you've got a good one there Nicola - how wonderful for you to have his support.

And what a great picture of Richard Armitage. *sigh*

Cryna said...

What a nice post and word of mouth is the best advertising that you can get, but to get it from your husband is terrific. His support makes him a winner to me.

The picture of Richard is a great one. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Virginia said...

Oh! He does look good!!

Dena said...

Great pic of Ric!

Your husband sounds adoarable and it must give you such a warm feeling in how proud he is of you.

Nicola Marsh said...

He is a sweetie :) most of the time...!!