Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our first hot hero for the weekend

What with rushing around taking my own little heroes to get haircuts this morning and juggling a few other things, I thought I'd never get here to post!

But here I am and courtesy of Minna, we have another hot hero.

Meet David Boreanaz.

Now, I've heard of wet T shirt comps but never a wet shirt comp for guys. Maybe we can instigate them? ;)

I found another fabulous bath shot of him courtesy of google but it took ages to download and my littlest man isn't napping and yelling the house down, so must dash!

Hope you've got some more heroes lined up for tomorrow and don't go into hibernation mode like I usually do on Sunday :)


Cryna said...

Congratulations Minna!!

And for today I am going to offer up:


limecello said...

Congrats, Minna!
I had such a crush on David when he was on Buffy... I thought he was "out" - but now he's back with Bones and gaining popularity!
Hm... a mix today... famous and less so - Most Beautiful Man April 2008 Chris Poydenis
And February - Chace Crawford

Also, this one b/c I'm from OH... and he's actually a friend of a friend - so - Cosmo's 2007 bachelor of the year, Brian Watkins

but my REAL pick of today? Christian Bale. He's hot, a good actor... and he's BATMAN!
And he can do period things too ;)

Avi J said...

My picks for today is Antonio Banderas

and Justin Timberlake

AVIAN said...

My choice is Josh Duhamel

Next Mathew McConaughey,_Matthew/gallery/SGG-031239/

and is Vin diesel

Gina said...

I pick Eduardo Verastegui

Chad Michael Murray

and Julian McMahon,_Julian/gallery/JULIANMCMAHONNT13/,_Julian/gallery/LRS-003843/,_Julian/gallery/CSH-015350/

Kim said...

I choose for today Patrick Dempsey,0.jpg

and James Denton

anne said...

I have one choice for today. Liam Neeson. Need I say more. Delightful and appealing.

Dina said...



Virginia said...

Congrats Minna, I like this hero too!

My hero to day is older but you got to love him Kevin Costner. Listen to what he has to say at this website, makes you want to kiss him all over.

Susan said...

Congratulations, Minna!

Today I give you Bailey Chase. He is a regular on Saving Grace.

CrystalGB said...

My choice for today is Sean Patrick Flannery.

bamabelle said...

Here are two more hotties:

Daniel Craig aka Bond, James Bond


Hayden Christensen

Cryna said...

Okay since it is SUNDAY now in your part of the world.........My Sunday pick would be:

Jon Kortajarena (The English side of his website)

AVIAN said...

another choice is Keanu Reeves FROM Speed anf the Matrix

and John Stamos

Nicola Marsh said...

You've outdone yourselves today, ladies, with another staggering array of exceptionally hot men!

Thank you for making my task so difficult :)