Monday, November 17, 2008

Fan moment

I love hearing from readers.
Receiving emails discussing my books or saying how much they're enjoyed never fails to bring a smile to my face.

The funny thing? I never thought of writing to my favourite authors to thank them for their brilliant books.

Adele Parks was the first author I emailed and her response was lovely.
So imagine how stoked I was when she commented on my 'glomming' post over at the PHS last week. I had a distinct fan moment!

Now her latest book is hitting the shelves and I can't wait.
Hers are keepers for me.

Who's on your keeper shelf these days?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Guest speaker extraordinaire

Okay, that may be taking things a tad too far but I did it!

I actually got up in front of 200 plus people and discussed the life of a romance author and the wonderful world of Mills and Boon.

From the number of people who came up to me afterwards and said it was fantastic and inspiring and fabulous, I reckon I did okay ;)

The day was all the better because I got to catch up with a bunch of old friends.
I nattered almost the whole way of the longish drive with my oldest school friend (she was meant to do the talking so I could save my voice but somehow-as usual apparently!-I ended up doing most of the talking. Jenny said I always liked to tell a good story at school...)

When I arrived, I was interviewed by the Great Southern Star newspaper with loads of happy snaps and caught up with Mel, a writing buddy from way back.
Then onto lunch where a bunch of my uni mates formed a table to support me. How great is that?

So more nattering with Teresa (who roped me into this in the first place, thanks T!), Mary and Leanne, before I did my thing on the stage, followed by devouring the cakes. Oh boy, the cakes...quite simply, a highlight of the day!

I signed books, chatted some more, was barrel girl for the raffle and was presented with a stunning box of flowers and a L'Oreal gift pack (the sponsors of the day.)

There were Victoria and Melbourne representatives of the MS society at the lunch and I'm sure they would've been blown away by the attendance.

A great time was had by all (oh, and the frock and shoes were a hit too!)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bon jour

The 1st of November?
Can someone tell me where the year went, please?
While I use every distraction technique known to man to stop from thinking about speaking in front of that crowd this afternoon (including rushing around last night to doctors and such because kinder kid came down with conjunctivitis completely out of the blue) my books are popping up overseas.
Executive Mother-To-Be is out now in France, available here.
(Don't you love the French covers? They're beautiful.)
While The Desert Prince's Proposal is out now in Spain, available here.

I'll be back Monday with all the goss from the charity luncheon.