Monday, June 30, 2008

The Boss's Bedroom Agenda

Here it is, the gorgeous UK cover for THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA.
What do you think?
I love it!
That boss can seduce me anytime ;)

This book features Aidan Voss, archaeologist turned temp CEO of Melbourne Museum, and Beth Walker, shoe addict and avant garde metal sculptor.
I had so much fun writing this book (little wonder I had to give Lana, Beth's geeky cousin, her own story!)

And the great news?

This book will be released as Harlequin Presents in the USA in Feb 2009!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The end

Zac and Lana have sailed into the sunset.
(This is the picture that started it all...sigh, isn't he gorgeous?)

'Making Waves with the Magnate' is done!

Rather fortunate, as had a chat with my editor last night and plans have changed, big time!
Revisions for THE DATING DILEMMA have been shelved, as my next Romance (the one I can't wait to tell you about) needs to be!
This is the commissioned book as part of an exciting new series and my deadline yesterday! Yikes!

So guess who's going to be a busy little bee? Then it's another Mod Heat asap, then while I'm waiting on that one I can tackle revisions.

Throw in several deadlined articles I have to write, a requested short story for a magazine, several interviews, guest blogs and the general life stuff of being a supermum and you'll know why I couldn't sleep last night. My head is buzzing!

So exciting times ahead.
But firstly, Zac needs to be edited next week. That first article has to be written, as does the short story.
Then it's onto...JOURNEY OF THE HEART.
Wait till you here about this story! I love it so much already and I haven't written a word yet!

I'd also hoped to post my cover of THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA today but must dash (kinder kid off to a party-I swear his social life is more of a whirlwind than mine!!)
There's some great news about its US release too, but I'll leave that till Monday :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another shot of confidence

I've had another lovely review for THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL so I'm finally starting to relax a little over this book :)

Here's what ROMANCE READER AT HEART had to say:

"THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL by Nicola Marsh is pure fun. A fast, wonderfully well-written read, it rekindles every fantasy about Prince Charming, exotic desert lands and being swept off my feet I ever had.

While this story has been told before in lots of variations, this telling stands apart. Ms. Marsh's characters are quick-witted, intelligent and definitely have chemistry enough to make the romance sizzle. The setting is wonderful, with plenty of details to make it all come to life. THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL is a great, bite-sized romance! Well done!"

And just in case you've forgotten who inspired Prince Samman al Wali, here he is. Nice. Very nice.

And speaking of my desert prince, I'm running a HUGE competition to coincide with the release of this book.

Details shortly!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm stoked!

I am absolutely stoked!
Doing side-kicks!

ALL ABOUT ROMANCE are well known and notoriously tough to get a good review from (they range from A-F and if you check out their reviews page, they're liberally peppered with Cs and Ds.)

So imagine my delight when I just discovered THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL (out in the UK and US in July) got a B+!!!

Here's a snippet:

"The Desert Prince's Proposal is a delightful fairy tale, and does a near perfect job of whisking one away from the everyday.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick read or you just need a sweet love story rather than a hot, lusty tale, The Desert Prince's Proposal makes for a wonderful modern-day fairy tale.

The best parts of this book reminded me of afternoons spent watching old romantic movies.

Let yourself get swept away in the fantasy."

Cool, huh?
I luuuurv the book being compared to old romantic movies...a lovely compliment :)

The review means a lot considering I have a few doubts about this book, being my first 'desert prince/sheikh' fantasy and nice to know I've captured this reviewer's imagination.

Can't wait to hear what my readers think!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What happens when you rest

I've been good.
I've tried to rest as much as possible with 2 very active little boys over the weekend. Even managed an hour and half nap yesterday afternoon which left me feeling almost human again.
Stuffy head still there but aches gone!

Bub still teething so last night, I was up to him at 3.30am, cuddling him in a rocking chair, when the start to my next Harlequin Romance popped fully formed into my head.
I love it when that happens! Most of my books have begun like that, in the wee small hours of the morning, in that half-wake/half-dream state.

This book is so vivid for me. The outline has already been approved by my ed (as it's part of a commissioned Harlequin series-will tell you more about it when I get to the book after I finish Zac) The characters are gorgeous, the emotion is there and the journey they go on...let me just say, it's special. Very special.

I can't wait to start this one. My fingers are itching.
But I have a cold to recover from...a month long one!
And a Modern Heat to finish.

But the dream is there...the excitement is building...and I can't wait to share it all with you :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fresh and flirty

Then we have this review from the PHS.

If you’re looking for a romance that’s hot, sexy, modern and utterly delicious, then you’ll love Nicola Marsh’s latest Modern Heat: Hot Nights with a Playboy!
I adore Nicola Marsh’s stories because even though they are fresh, feel-good, flirty and modern, they still have that deep, emotional core that will ensure that readers of all ages will enjoy reading her stories. Featuring a sexy hero, a lovely heroine and plenty of drama, laughs and humour, Hot Nights with a Playboy is the perfect book to pack in your beach bag this summer!

In other news, would you believe the dreaded lurgy is back? Feeling decidedly blah, just like I did this time 3 weeks ago.
Note to self: don't push it!
Now, I just need to listen this time. Annoying, considering Zac and Lana were really getting into some heavy stuff.
They've had fun at the lagoon in Suva, now are back on board dealing with the fall out.
But I'm not going to write today. Must rest...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How to woo a woman

Two posts in a day?
Well, I'm over my little bout of snarkiness from this morning so thought we'd move on with a more positive review :)

I have my first review for THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL!

Here's what Catherine Witmer from Romantic Times had to say about it:

Architect Bria Green's chance meeting with developer Sam Wali becomes a fleeting but memorable flirtation. Soon afterward, in the kingdom of Adhara to secure materials for a client, Bria finds out that Sam is actually Prince Samman al Wali. Sam has a proposal for Bria: If she'll marry him, she can design Adhara's new capital city. Bria's tempted, but they're strangers, and Sam's as controlling as her father. She's also halfway in love with him, which presents a problem! Nicola Marsh's The Desert Prince's Proposal (3) will appeal to those who enjoy desert-set fantasies, but others might find Sam's idea of courtship as crazy as Bria does.

Poor Sam.
He's a strong, alpha prince. Not sure if he takes too kindly to having his wooing techniques questioned ;)

This book is available online now!
In the UK, it's here.
In the US, it's here.

It'll be out on the shelves in both countries in July.
Enjoy :)