Saturday, June 28, 2008

The end

Zac and Lana have sailed into the sunset.
(This is the picture that started it all...sigh, isn't he gorgeous?)

'Making Waves with the Magnate' is done!

Rather fortunate, as had a chat with my editor last night and plans have changed, big time!
Revisions for THE DATING DILEMMA have been shelved, as my next Romance (the one I can't wait to tell you about) needs to be!
This is the commissioned book as part of an exciting new series and my deadline yesterday! Yikes!

So guess who's going to be a busy little bee? Then it's another Mod Heat asap, then while I'm waiting on that one I can tackle revisions.

Throw in several deadlined articles I have to write, a requested short story for a magazine, several interviews, guest blogs and the general life stuff of being a supermum and you'll know why I couldn't sleep last night. My head is buzzing!

So exciting times ahead.
But firstly, Zac needs to be edited next week. That first article has to be written, as does the short story.
Then it's onto...JOURNEY OF THE HEART.
Wait till you here about this story! I love it so much already and I haven't written a word yet!

I'd also hoped to post my cover of THE BOSS'S BEDROOM AGENDA today but must dash (kinder kid off to a party-I swear his social life is more of a whirlwind than mine!!)
There's some great news about its US release too, but I'll leave that till Monday :)


Joanne said...

Congrats on finishing your ms :D Cant wait to hear about your next one (JOTH) :)

BTW - totally agree about kids - my toddler definitely has a better social life than me - LOL

Nicola Marsh said...

I have a feeling you'll be hearing loads about it, Joanne...I'm so excited by this one!!!!

Aren't kids gorgeous? :)

Dena said...

Congrats on finishing Zac and Lana's story, although I'm going to miss seeing him,sigh!

You are busy busy busy Nic! Keep up with your Vitamin C you will need it.

I'm looking forward to your new story JOTH and can't wait to see who your inspiration is...