Monday, June 16, 2008

What happens when you rest

I've been good.
I've tried to rest as much as possible with 2 very active little boys over the weekend. Even managed an hour and half nap yesterday afternoon which left me feeling almost human again.
Stuffy head still there but aches gone!

Bub still teething so last night, I was up to him at 3.30am, cuddling him in a rocking chair, when the start to my next Harlequin Romance popped fully formed into my head.
I love it when that happens! Most of my books have begun like that, in the wee small hours of the morning, in that half-wake/half-dream state.

This book is so vivid for me. The outline has already been approved by my ed (as it's part of a commissioned Harlequin series-will tell you more about it when I get to the book after I finish Zac) The characters are gorgeous, the emotion is there and the journey they go on...let me just say, it's special. Very special.

I can't wait to start this one. My fingers are itching.
But I have a cold to recover from...a month long one!
And a Modern Heat to finish.

But the dream is there...the excitement is building...and I can't wait to share it all with you :)


Cryna said...

Glad to hear you got some rest, which is hard with two little ones, because they don't understand that Mom is not feeling well and needs to rest.

Hope that those teeth come through for the little one soon, poor baby.

WooHoooo!!! on getting another inspiration. That is so cool. And looking forward to hearing more about it. Bet Zac is not sharing your

Nic, take care. Gentle hugs.

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Cryna, you're a gem :)