Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great read!

I have to rave about this book!

Carmen Reid's "How Was it for You?" is a gritty, realistic tale of one woman's journey through desperately wanting a baby and beyond.

The heroine is deliciously flawed and while I cringed at some of her mistakes, I could identify with the heartbreak of wanting a child so badly you'd almost do anything for it. I have so many friends and family who have gone through the emotional wringer with IVF and/or miscarriage and this book really captured the emotions behind this rollercoaster ride.

I love discovering great authors and now that I've bought one of Carmen's books purely by chance I'll definitely be chasing up the rest.

Isn't it great when you pick up a book and discover it's truly wonderful? Entertaining, escapist but real at the same time?
One of those books you almost wish didn't have to end?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Labour of love

We've had lovely news of two new babies this week: my sister-in-law had a baby girl and my cousin had a baby boy.
Such a special time and brings back memories of my own 22 hour(!)labour, which actually wasn't as bad as I expected.
Then I bumped into a friend from Mum's Group yesterday with her new twins, who are absolutely gorgeous!
Me, clucky?
Babies are gorgeous and cuddly and grow so quickly, as I wrestle my almost 3 year old off my desk and away from pounding on the keyboard as I type!

Writing is another labour of love and on that front, I've completed the revisions on my next Romance (an office romance featuring an unexpected pregnancy.)
Mind you, they've been done in half hour bursts here and there, so I'm sure I'll have a bit of tidying up before it's ready to send back to my editor.
But at least they're done.
One down, one to go.

Monday, October 09, 2006

"Pineapple" books

My buddy Trish Wylie recently referred to one of her books as a 'pineapple' book. Huh?
She said writing the book was as painful as giving birth to a pineapple (metaphorically speaking, of course!)
In fact, Trish is having a Pineapple party for that book over at her blog at the moment so if you want to win a copy of the pineapple, head on over!

Trish got me thinking...because of what was happening in her personal life at the time she wrote the book, it became her pineapple.
Now I know exactly what she was talking about!
I haven't been well lately (thanks for all the private well-wishes!) and really struggling with sitting at a computer let alone writing anything.
Now I have revisions which have to get done but it's tough, really tough, when it's the last thing you want to do or worry about.

So unfortunately, I feel my own pineapples coming on...ouch!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Covers and revisions

I received the US copies of INHERITED: BABY early this week and I adore the new covers. Even though I wasn't sure about the big baby pic on the front, he looks ultra cute on this one, especially with the added touch of holly for it being a December Christmas release.

I've also heard back from my editor on the Romance and ModX books I handed in a while ago.
Minor revisions on one, more on the other.
Remember, the ModX is a rewrite of an old book and I can clearly see what my ed means when she says she keeps noticing moments where 'Romance Nic' meets 'MX Nic' when I switch out of a sensual moment to note the emotional impact.
It's probably because I think this book could be a Romance too, that my voice wavers too much in it. Looks like MX Nic needs to come out and play in earnest!

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode about 'Independent George' where George's worlds are colliding. Let's hope that doesn't happen for the Nics!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Idea Boutique

Ever wanted to know where authors get the ideas for their books?

Then pop on over to The Idea Boutique, a fascinating blog I stumbled on a while ago via Bronwyn Jameson's blog.

Today, FOUND: HIS FAMILY is featured and I make a shocking confession! (Well, not so shocking if you know me...)