Friday, October 06, 2006

Covers and revisions

I received the US copies of INHERITED: BABY early this week and I adore the new covers. Even though I wasn't sure about the big baby pic on the front, he looks ultra cute on this one, especially with the added touch of holly for it being a December Christmas release.

I've also heard back from my editor on the Romance and ModX books I handed in a while ago.
Minor revisions on one, more on the other.
Remember, the ModX is a rewrite of an old book and I can clearly see what my ed means when she says she keeps noticing moments where 'Romance Nic' meets 'MX Nic' when I switch out of a sensual moment to note the emotional impact.
It's probably because I think this book could be a Romance too, that my voice wavers too much in it. Looks like MX Nic needs to come out and play in earnest!

Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode about 'Independent George' where George's worlds are colliding. Let's hope that doesn't happen for the Nics!!


allyblake said...

It really is the cutest baby Nic! A totally aaaawwww picture. And I love the holly too, isn't it lovely?

I'm giggling here about the
"two Nics". How tricky? Maybe you can wear ugh boots while writing your romances and red stilettos while writing your ModX's?

Good luck with the revisions!


Fiona Lowe said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! That cover is just GORGEOUS.

Loved the idea of a split'll romp the revisions in.
Will go check out the boutique thing now

Trish W said...

LOVE THAT COVER Nic!!!! And you'll be grand - you're already a mommy and a writer at the same time so multi-tasking is NOT a problem... you can be many people at the same time!

Missing you loads whilst youre in the cave!!!! x x x x