Thursday, October 19, 2006

Great read!

I have to rave about this book!

Carmen Reid's "How Was it for You?" is a gritty, realistic tale of one woman's journey through desperately wanting a baby and beyond.

The heroine is deliciously flawed and while I cringed at some of her mistakes, I could identify with the heartbreak of wanting a child so badly you'd almost do anything for it. I have so many friends and family who have gone through the emotional wringer with IVF and/or miscarriage and this book really captured the emotions behind this rollercoaster ride.

I love discovering great authors and now that I've bought one of Carmen's books purely by chance I'll definitely be chasing up the rest.

Isn't it great when you pick up a book and discover it's truly wonderful? Entertaining, escapist but real at the same time?
One of those books you almost wish didn't have to end?

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Natasha said...

You know, I think that 'buy now' button on Amazon should be banned. It will soon be on my TBR pile! BAD Nic!