Friday, February 23, 2007

When flying words come to a grinding halt

I got back into PICTURE PERFECT with a vengeance last night. Wrote over 5000 words in the blink of an eye.
Okay, so it's not quite as easy as that but sometimes those words just seem to fly and oh, do I love that feeling...
The interesting thing is I usually have a very clear idea of how my books will end, it's the middle stuff that's hardest. With this book, the middle scenes have flowed but I have no idea about the upcoming scenes!
Judd and Abby are on a plane leaving Sapphire Island bound for Sydney as we speak but Judd's game plan has changed and he's hanging around Sydney rather than travelling into the wild blue yonder as usual. He wants more than a friendship, Abby doesn't and they seem a bit stuck (read: the author is very stuck!!)
Will be interesting to see if inspiration strikes some time over the next few days. Usually, it happens at the oddest of times, like in the supermarket aisle or while dozing off for a nap, so here's hoping! The ending is so close...
A few days ago Ally Blake blogged about motifs in her writing, a piece I found fascinating. I've never noticed them in my own writing but strangely enough, frangipanis seem to be a recurring feature in PICTURE PERFECT. I adore frangipanis (they remind me of the many romantic trips I've done to Bali with hubby) and their fragrance is highly evocative for me.
Interesting how we have subtle themes running through our books sometimes without realising it...


allyblake said...

So glad you enjoyed that post Nic. I too find these things happen naturally. Force them and you can feel it, find lovely clues early on that you can thred through later and it's such a nice part of this job!!!

I'm with you on the frangipanis - gorgeous!


Barb said...

5,000 words in one night, Nic??
But, OMG, I need to lie down with in a darkened room and forget I read that.

Nicola Marsh said...

LOL Barb.

When I'm on a roll, and if the book is an easy one to write, I can average this per night.
But alas, we all know not every book is like this!!

And Ally, you're spot on about not forcing stuff. It comes out sounding contrived.