Saturday, January 06, 2007

First book syndrome...second time around!

My first Modern Extra, BIG-SHOT BACHELOR, has now hit the shelves in the UK and I'm going through the same feelings that every author goes through when their first book is released.
Uncertainty. Nerves. Panic.
Will people like this book?
Will they think I'm a fraud?
Or worse, will they think I'm a one-book wonder?
This book is my 9th release but my first in this line and the feelings are back. So far, I've had my editor read it and love it (she said I depicted boho Melbourne so well she wanted to jump on a plane and head down here straight away, and she loved Ariel so much she wanted to be her best friend) so that was high praise and soothed the nerves for a while.
I've also had a 4 and a 1/2 star review from Cataromance recently but that's it. I haven't heard from anyone else who has read it.
So the nerves are working overtime!
Better head off to brunch and soothe them :)

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allyblake said...

Well nw I think it's fabulous! Mind you I haven't read it as it's not out in Aus for a coulpa months, but I have no doubt it will be fabulous!!! Does that help?

Congrats on your first MX on the shelves!!!