Saturday, July 05, 2008

Double whammy!

If you're in Australia and New Zealand, August sees 2 of my books hit the shelves.
But if you can't wait that long, both these books are available online NOW!

Fancy a bit of sizzle on a Whitsunday island? Check out HOT NIGHTS WITH A PLAYBOY, available here.

Fancy the scorching kisses of a desert prince? Check out THE DESERT PRINCE'S PROPOSAL here.

Or why not indulge and grab both? ;)


Ellen said...

Guess I'll have to wait and hope they come out in North America. By the way I notice on the cover of "The Desert Prince's Proposal" it says SWEET. Is there an equivalent line in NA?

Nicola Marsh said...

the equivalent in NA is Harlequin Romance.
The Desert Prince's Proposal should be hitting shelves there as we speak!