Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'm a Presents girl!

Aren't the Harlequin Presents covers gorgeous?
So dramatic, so bold, so passionate...and I'm getting some of my very own!!!
Yes! For those readers who have contacted me asking when my Modern Extra books will be released in the US, I now have a few dates for you.
First up we have PURCHASED FOR PLEASURE (coming to the UK in Oct, Aust Dec) featuring my sexy SEAL will be out in April 08, followed by MISTRESS TO THE TYCOON (released as BIG-SHOT BACHELOR in the UK and Aust) out in July 08.
I really, really can't wait to see my covers for both these books but I guess I'll have assured, I'll pop them up as soon as I get them! :)


Trish said...

YAAAAYYYYY NIC!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see them!!! This was my first bare chested hero cover and wowza!

And we're being marketed as Presents younger sister in the States which is just too cool. Currently they are even market testing them with teenagers in the States and fingers crossed they learn to love reading them as much as we love writing them!

H's from Houston!

Nicola Marsh said...

I love your cover, Trish :)
Bare-chested is good. Very good!!

And the marketing sounds great!

Waving to you in Houston...or New York...or wherever you are now, you lucky jetsetter you :)

Ally Blake said...

Woohoo Nic!!!!!!!!!!!! That's soooo exciting!!!

Can't wait to see the steamy covers!!!


Barb said...

Fantastic news for you Mod X girls. Well done and how exciting!