Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New discoveries

Now, this is exactly why I asked that question in the last post and thankfully, Caitlyn posted a response about her favourite new crush.
The guy's name is Sakis Rouvas. I've never heard of him. So I had to do a very quick google image search and whoa...go check it out for yourself!!!
This one's definitely going in my hero folder for future inspiration.

And speaking of heroes...I'm hearing about Richard Armitage all over the place. Everywhere I turn, someone's talking about him.
I'll be honest. My fellow PHS ed Natasha Oakley has raved about this guy many times but I've either been too busy or too tired (bub, you hear that? You should be sleeping through by now!!) or too absorbed in my latest WIP to take much notice.
So with all this talk of crushes, while I was googling Savis, I plugged in Richard.
And I admit it.
He has 'something'. The word enigmatic springs to mind. I'm intrigued enough to want to know more. I've heard rave reviews about North and South so must get my hands on it.
I'm hooked.
I want to be a new recruit.
Where do I sign up for the Armitage Army?


CherryT said...

If you want to find more information about Richard Armitage here is the web link to the main site.

and here is the link to the forum where the members chat and have fun.

Oh and North and South is a must view Drama.


deb said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of RA!

There are actually two AA forums and a growing number of websites. Richard's so, well, just soooooooo, there's too much for just one. Here's another forum link.

North and South - DEFINITELY.
Vicar of Dibley - REALLY

And his audiobook of Bernard Cornwell's Lords of the North - ABSOLUTELY!

deb said...

Honestly, Natasha, say the magic words 'Richard Armitage' and a perfectly sane woman's mind goes sideways. First - Guy of Gisborne, Robin Hood.

And second, here's a link to another fabulous website.

Oh, and, just so's you know if you're Googling, there's an elderly bald American guy (ex-Secretary of State) who also has nearly the same name - different middle initial. IGNORE HIM (and there's a movie about the Iraq war wandering about - that's this Richard Armitage, not ours).

Um (thinks some more). And, that list of MUST SEE/HEAR - it's not exclusive. He's done lots.

Ally Blake said...

Nic, I first saw RA on the Vicar of Dibley final episodes around Xmas last year and boy oh boy did i go from "won't Natasha pic a new guy to rave about already" to signed up Armyite!!!

He's waaaay dreamy!!!


EGfan said...

You must see 'North and South' immediately! Richard is brilliant as John Thornton and it's one of the best period dramas the BBC has made.

If you want find out more about Richard's work, there's very comprehensive coverage at:

And the C19 discussion board, set up by 'N&S'/ RA fans in February 2005, has a huge RA section:

Happy viewing!

Little Red said...

Welcome to the Army! You'll love it.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

Glad you like Sakis, if you look on his website in the photo album area there are some more HOT photos.


Nicola Marsh said...

Wow! Thanks for all the info on Richard. I'm going to check it all out as soon as I'm out of the revision cave.
Had a quick look at the Armitage Army website and it's fantastic!!!

Caitlyn, will definitely pop over to check out Sakis's website too!

Talk about distractions when I should be working... ;)

Anonymous said...

The two AA forums are the best bets mentioned. They are the most friendly ones.

Anonymous said...

Another Armitage Army soldier here.
Yes the 2 forums mentioned are wonderful friendly places and lots to find out about this Gorgeous talented gent.