Friday, October 16, 2009

Diary of a multi-tasker

My week has been crazy but lovely with the extra anthology deadline.

Now add some more craziness to the mix.

Remember the last book I revised and handed in a month ago, THE TYCOON'S LIVE-IN LOVE?
Well, heard from my lovely ed requesting a final tweak, which is fine...except the book is scheduled for May 2010 and needs to be at the copyeditors ASAP!
So this needs to a be a priority.

Thus yesterday looked like this:

5.45am. Roll out of bed, stumble to computer, scan emails, write 1000 words on Rom Com.

6.45am. Shower, rouse the troups, brekkie, make school lunch, peak hour drive to school.

8.45am. Indulge stressed self in favourite brekkie at fave cafe, shop for 2 hours for birthday presents, grab a Max Brenner Italian milk hot chocolate to go.

11am. Warm up PC to start work when toddler naps. See email from editor, requesting urgent tweaks. Eeek! Swoon, have mini panic attack before printing out email and knuckling down.

Midday. Toddler naps. I work for an hour before falling into bed for more 'plotting' time (see yesterday's post.)

2.00pm. Rise and shine, get cracking for next school run.

4pm. Boys playing at my feet, I speed write short story for as long as they let me. 1000 words done.

5-8pm. Dinner rush starts. Cook, eat, clean, make hubby's lunch for tomorrow, bath time, read books.

8-10.30 pm. Start work, tweaks on last book, 60 pages in, eyes closing...

I'll need to follow this diary for the next week.
Nothing like 3 short deadlines to get the creative juices flowing!


Veronica said...


As I read this I was sipping my brekkie coffee and I swear I felt it quiver with sympathetic anxiety. Yep, you made my coffee nervous! (to borrow a line from my favourite movie)

At least we have proof you rise above all this (or go with the flow and use it to thrive)

I spent my day REreading a 1st chapter. Ended up getting in the car & driving to a local shopping centre where I parked in an isolated area to read in relative peace and quiet. Sigh...It worked until I began to miss the all important tea making facilities and other essential amenities...

Lacey Devlin said...

Good Lordy!

Does it help if I tell you that as a reader I really appreciate you getting up that early?

Joanne said...

OMG Nicola - you certainly have a lot on at the moment.

Take care & glad you had time to enjoy a yummy MB hot chocolate - mmmmm!

Nicola Marsh said...

I know, it's crazy, huh?

Forcing myself to stay awake and work makes for heavy eyelids...

My b'day next week, am promising myself the morning off, hopefully at a spa retreat!