Friday, October 29, 2010

Editorial week

Check this out at the Harlequin blog, starting Nov 1st.

Does your imagination run wild with vivid characters? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a USA TODAY bestselling author? Well, our editors want to make those dreams come true. We are hungry to find talented new writers for Harlequin Books. Through podcasts, blogs, and discussions with our expert editors and current authors, we’re going to help you understand the appeal of the romance genre. And there’s a special daily challenge with feedback that will give some great insights into crafting the perfect story. So for the next week, come by to hone your skills and get started on the path to publication. So you think you can write? Here’s your chance to show us!

The full timetable is here.
Looks fab!


Kerrin said...

that's really exciting! thanks for posting the link :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Yeah, looks really good, doesn't it?