Sunday, January 29, 2012


It has been too long since I participated in the SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY fun!

Here's a snippet from my romantic suspense short TAG TEAM, available FREE everywhere!

Fox is a Victoria Police Special Ops leader, Lee is in the Australian Defence Force Tactical Assault Group (TAG) and specialises in biological warfare.
A major threat to Melbourne had just come through and two people with a past are forced to work together.

Was there anything the ball-breaking wonder woman couldn’t do?

A brief pounding on the door had his eyes snapping open in time to see her stride into his office, her expression a study in polite professionalism, her eyes eerily blank, as if she didn’t know him.


“You cut your hair,” he said, throwing his pen on the stack of monotonous paperwork in front of him, pissed at her intrusion yet glad for the distraction.

Coralee Keaton might be a pain in the ass to work with but her taut body, long legs and impressive D cup more than compensated for the grief.

“You cut your surveillance on the Ebola job.”

For more fab book snippets, check out SIX SUNDAY.


Zee Monodee said...

Can totally feel the interaction and chemistry between them will be sizzling! Another winner for you, Nicola :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Zee, I had a ball with these characters, would love to develop them into a romantic suspense series!