Monday, May 28, 2012

Nikki Logan's non-fic

Harlequin Romance author Nikki Logan has released her first non-fiction title.

Here's a bit about it:

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to say that my writing how-to “The Chemistry of Reading” is now available on Kindle and in various formats via Smashwords. Anyone doing my workshop at GoldCoast will get this FREE (yay!), but everyone else… knock yourselves out.

The brain is like Google. It ranks things by referrals. The most engaging books trigger a response in multiple parts of the brain and thereby get ranked more highly by it. And books that get highly ranked become ‘must buys’. 'The Chemistry of Reading' explores (in plain, digestible English) how the body reacts during the reading experience and how writers can harness that to create an unforgettable story that arouses multiple parts of the reader's brain.


Sounds interesting, huh?

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