Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The Book Club's Tornado Mega Giveaway

Welcome to The Book Club’s very first Giveaway
Tornado Giveaway

We’re extremely excited about it. You will be too…when you hear the details. Get ready to be blown away by Tornado Giveaway! 

A tornado of books is coming your way. We love our Authors. They give us hours of entertainment; they fill our lives with love and passion. Today, we want to do exactly that. Fill your life with love. This is a Romance Giveaway with a smattering of crime thrillers and a heartwarming family saga - to spice up your life.

Starting on the 1st of July we will introduce each of the twenty-three participating Authors on our Book Club page. Some you already know; some are new.  But all promise to keep you entertained with their words.

Believe it or not, we have 200 books to give away.  Didn’t we say, a Tornado is coming your way!  And there will be not one... not two ... but 17 Winners who will get 17 books each and 6 Mega winners will get a chance to grab 22 books each.

How do you participate in this Giveaway?
 It's simple... just follow the Rafflecopter(scroll down) and win all the books. 

So what are you waiting for?  Join us here as we introduce each author daily and get a sneak peek into their writing. Get ready to be swept away! 

The Rules....

Love Books of course :)

In the Rafflecopter follow the rules....

1. Like the Author Facebook Page - Mandatory - 1 point
2. Follow the author on Twitter -Mandatory- 2 points
3. Tweet on the dates mentioned in the Rafflecopter about the Author - Optional - 3 points
4. Like the Harlequin India Facebook Page - Mandatory - 5 points
5. Like the Indireads Facebook Page -Mandatory - 5 points 
6. Like The Book Club Facebook Page -Mandatory -  5 points

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Participating Authors

Name of the Book
Name of the Author
Date of Post

All the Best Dear Readers...


Participating Blogs

Blogging @
Aarti V Raman
Adiana Ray
Adite Banerjie
An Indian
Ann McGinnis
Arti Metroreader
Bhavya NK
Devika Fernando
Dola Basu Singh
Falguni Kothari
Inderpreet Kaur Uppal
Janaki Nagaraj
Jennifer Faye
Jennifer Hayward
Jigar Doshi
Parichita Singh
Natasha Ahmed
Nicola Marsh
Nikita Soni
Pooja Abhay
Reet Singh
Renita D'Silva
Rubina Ramesh
Ruchi Vasudeva
Savannah Young
Shoma Narayanan
Sonia Rao
Sumeetha Manikandan
Sundari Venkatraman
Tanu Jain
Tasman Gibb
Téa Cooper
Usha Narayanan
Yamini Vijendran
Andy Paula

This Giveaway is hosted by The Book Club. A group of Writers and Bloggers who have come together to spread the works of different authors from around the globe. 

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