Thursday, November 23, 2006

Diary of a page junkie

I admit it.

I'm a page junkie.

There's nothing better at the end of a working night than seeing how many pages I've written. I love seeing the pages and word count add up. It's addictive!

My, how all that has changed...

These days, I'm happy to get a couple of pages done a night though in all honesty, I don't look anymore. Too depressing for a speed freak like me.
That said, there is something infinitely satisfying about revisions when you chop great chunks out and add in two brand spanking new scenes as I did last night.
And the best bit?
I can see this story taking a new direction!
Which of course complicates matters for a little bit later when other scenes have to be chopped and changed but hey, isn't that the point of revising? Making the story better?

So for this page junkie, I'm currently at page 62 of The Pregnancy Surprise (an office/baby story for Romance.) That's after 3 nights work with tons of slashing and adding in the 2 new scenes.
Will keep the page count coming.

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