Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Looking glam?

This is pretty funny so just had to share.

I meet with a group of really close writing buddies once every few months. We chat, we laugh and we eat! These gals are the best and I'm so lucky that our writing brought us together. Their friendship is precious.
I've missed our last get-together because of the morning sickness, so they all came to me on Saturday bearing food and pressies. Copious amounts of both, including birthday pressies for me from October.

With all the chatting and catching up, I didn't get to open my pressies till later. Being the good girl, I always open cards first so imagine my surprise when I opened the first to discover "HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY"! I had a good chuckle and wasn't going to say anything but when I opened the next card and it had the same...well, needless to say I had tears rolling down my face! ( of laughter!)

Now, I know I look pretty bad at the moment. Most people tell me how pale/exhausted/etc...I look, which I'm not surprised about considering this constant morning sickness.
However, my Nan's 82 and has barely a wrinkle, my mum's in her sixties and looks fabulous and I'm proud to say I don't have one single wrinkle (the greys are another story!) My web pic was taken last year (and yes, I'm wearing makeup) but I reckon I don't look too bad for my age?
Yes, 40 is my next major birthday coming all too quickly but I'm not there yet!!

Of course, this mistake (an honest one later explained by my friend) led to much hilarity for the rest of the lunch and hubby thought it was too funny!!! He always teases me about our 6 week age gap as is (apparently he's my toy boy.)

So thanks for the laughs, girls.
I'll remember to trowel on the make up next time! ;)


allyblake said...

What a lovely day Nic! I wonder if they'll all now give you happy 41st cards next year ;).

I did just notice that your book is up for sale on the mills and boon website as well!!!



Bronwyn Jameson said...

Too funny, Nic, especially as you don't look a day over 25. I've only just caught up with your news and although I'm sorry to hear about the awful mroning sickness and hope it goes away soon, I'm ever so happy for the baby news. Congratulations!


Nicola Marsh said...

Ah Bron...you are so sweet :)

Serena said...

Yep you don't look anywhere near your age, but there were extenuating circumstances that led to the faux pas...and you got a bigger presie ;-P

Serena {still blushing...}

Nicola Marsh said...

Yeah, the pressie was gorgeous!
Maybe I should turn 40 every year till the actual event? ;)