Saturday, March 10, 2007

Review and another sale!

TWO-WEEK MISTRESS has received 4 1/2 stars from Cataromance!
Here's a brief excerpt from the review:
Funny, witty and sensually enticing Two-Week Mistress by Nicola Marsh left me laughing at the antics of her characters while enjoying the sensuality of this novel. Ms Marsh’s characters are all diverse and this book is one such example. This is a book definitely well worth buying, not only for its’ refreshing new look at a budding romantic relationship but also for its’ entertaining qualities.
For the full review, head here.
In other news, I now have a release date for my next Harlequin Romance, Feb 08. This is my 13th novel sold and is Kristen's story (the 3rd Lewis sister. Carissa's story: WIFE AND MOTHER WANTED, Tahnee's story: TWO-WEEK MISTRESS)
More news about this book as it comes to hand!


Trish said...

OOOHHHHH I don't think we've been shelf buddies before!!!??? If we have it's been a loooonnnggggg time!

I'm a February 08 too with this latest one!!! I know it has a Valentine Title but the one they've given me isn't confirmed yet so I can't spill... But great to know who I'm sharing space with!


Nicola Marsh said...

Shelf buddies at last!
And isn't this your 13th too?
How cool is that :)

Valentine's title sounds lovely. Mine's a boss/pregnancy story so will be interesting to see what the eds come up with.