Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Once a writer, always a writer

Despite the sleep deprivation and the cogs of my mind spinning at a millions miles a minute with medical appointments, documentation to be done, time of last feed, etc... etc...I can't stop thinking about my next book!
It's impossible to turn off the ideas, which I guess is a good thing and I've taken to jotting down stuff before falling into bed at night. And last night, I even organised pics for my collage! It's wonderful to get the creative juices going, to realise that my brain hasn't entirely turned to mush (or as dear hubby says, I left my brain at the hospital in exchange for the baby!!)
Then proof edits arrive for EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE and I've read the whole book while feeding. At the time I wrote this book, I thought it was some of my best work and that hasn't changed on re-reading. I'm not a crier when I read books yet for the first time ever, one of the scenes brought a lump to my throat. Mind you, it was the aftermath of the birth scene and it's probably a little close to home at the moment but nevertheless, I love this book and I can't wait for people to read it.
George Eads was the inspiration behind the dark and brooding hero Nathan Boyd. Don't you love the expression on his face in this pic? It really does paint a thousand words.
So, with a plot for my next ModEx brewing and proof edits done, I still feel like a writer :) Even with my mummy hat firmly in place for a good while longer!

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