Friday, May 25, 2007

When creative juices bubble away...

Here we go, proof that my mind hasn't turned to total baby mush at the moment :)

This is my latest collage for my new book, THE STAND-IN, a Modern Extra. It's a real 'opposites attract' story and the idea has been scooting around my brain since before bub was born. Since then, I've jotted down a bit about character conflict, what happens in the first 3 chapters and a few key scenes. And I'm itching to start writing!

I need to flesh out a bit more about Beth Walker and Aidan Voss (inspired by Tara Reid and Pierce Brosnan) before starting, though these two have distinct personalities in my head already and I can see they're in for a fun time!

For an author who isn't visual (ie. I don't often look at pictures to stimulate my imagination) I looked for specific pics for this collage to facilitate the whole writing process. I'm more of a dialogue junkie, where the characters' voices are clear in my head more than what they look like. Interesting, huh? For a different take, check out Trish Wylie's recent blog post about storyboarding and the like. Fascinating stuff, how we all work in different ways.

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