Tuesday, October 30, 2007

COVER TO COVER: Life Happens

I should be busy trying to get this guy, Blane Andrews, and this girl, Camryn Henderson, together.
Well, okay, they are together considering I've finished the first draft of COURTING CUPID but in my mind, they won't officially be together till the book is polished, edited, done, dusted and sitting in my editor's inbox waiting for a read!
I had grand plans to start the layering process this week.
But like all grand plans, they suffer setbacks when life gets in the way...
I have a household of sick boys (and yes, including hubby in this because I think men tend to regress to boys when they're sick...not being mean here, just truthful!!)
Boys who are coughing all night, boys who need their noses blown, boys who are teething and scratching because their eczema is out of control...yes, I love my boys but right now, I could do with a moment (or ten!) to myself.
The interesting thing when 'life happens' is that writing is my saviour.
Writing keeps me sane.
Writing keeps me focussed.
Writing gives me a distraction from the everyday stuff.
Writing gives me an escape.
And life does happen.
No matter how well you plan, how much time you set aside for your writing, something will always pop up.
So deal with it.
But keep your mind fine tuned by thinking about your characters/story/next plot.
Jot down a word or two between baby feeds and nose blowing.
Look forward to that peaceful hour next week when you can dive back into your story.
Most of all, dose up on Vitamin C and garlic.
Those boys have a happy habit of sharing their germs around ;)

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