Monday, October 29, 2007

The Lurgy is back

Yes, the dreaded cold lurgy has hit our house again with a vengeance.
Kidlet 1's b'day on Saturday a fizzer, as he was too sick to want to do anything.
Bub has caught it too, so very disgruntled and clingy and generally unwell.
Hubby coming down with it.
As usual, Mum is the last one standing... ;)

Must admit, this is the reason I push myself when I have a deadline to meet. With kids, you never know what's around the corner and I'd hate to feel extra pressure with a book to finish and kids to nurse.

That said, I have to get back to editing COURTING CUPID. Maybe a little later than I first anticipated!


Beck said...

i've been reading your cover to cover series of blogs and it's been interesting!
My sympathies on the cold. We had it here and my 3 month old did not appreciate it at all although it it my toddler hardest.
Wishing you a well household!

Natalie Anderson said...

((((Nic))) - I am so with you. It just doesn't make it any easier does it? And like you I am always the last one standing. I think I don't get sick because I simply CAN'T (touch wood anyway) - I have too many others to look after! And it makes it so hard with writing - pretty hard to type when you're cradling a grizzly, fevered baby who can't sleep.
Ah well, I hope they all get better overnight!!!!! (ie after a GOOD, LOOOOOONg sleep!)

Rachael Blair said...

Hey Nic

Commiserations on the lurgy! I'm really hoping we don't get it here as I don't think I can stand the pressure through NaNoWriMo... I don't now how you gals with REAL deadlines do it.

Get well wishes to your men.

PS. Thanks for commenting on my blog - you made my day!

Margaret Mayo said...

Nicola, I'm so sorry to hear the dreaded lurgy has visited your household again. My two were eight and ten when I started writing so it wasn't quite so bad. And by the way, I'm really enjoying your cover to cover series. It's interesting to read how other authors work.

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks everyone.

I really feel like I'm the last one standing here...very exhausting!

And so glad you're enjoying the Cover to Cover series :)