Friday, November 16, 2007

An addiction

I'd like to pose the question: do all writers have a stationery addiction?

I do, and I know several others who do too.
Let me loose in an Officeworks and I'm in heaven!
I can never leave the place with the one item I need.
Oh no, uh-uh. Instead, I come out with a whole range of stuff I'll use 'one day'.

I can't help myself.

I love all those brightly coloured hard back notebooks (yes, I have several gorgeous ones just waiting to be used.)
I love those free-flowing pens.
I love the coloured note blocks.
Those gorgeous storage boxes...filing credenzas...labels...I could go on and on but you get the picture!

The other day I ran in there for a few envelopes and came out with a purple binder and matching notebook, which I'm about to put to good use with the new Harlequin Romance I'll start shortly. I tend to have my notes for a novel shoved into a clear plastic sleeve so this is definitely a step up. Tidy mind makes tidy work? We'll see!
Also picked up way too many envelopes, manila folders, a mini-ruler, stickers and a penguin stamp (my preschooler tossed those last 3 into the basket. A writer in the making, perhaps?) :)

Any other stationery addicts out there?
Come on, 'fess up. You know you want to.


Barb said...

Nic, You'd better go to Japan. they have the most fabulous range of stationery.

Nicola Marsh said...

Ooh...I'd love to go one day, Barb :)

Robyn E said...

Oh yeah! BIG TIME. When i was a kid, mum used to leave me in the stationery department rather than the toy department. I just counted on my shelf and I have sixteen unused notepads because whenever i see one i like, I'm unable to leave the store without it. Glad to know I'm not alone!

Sue said...

Hi Nic,

I can never resist colourful stationery. Even when shopping for specific grocery items a pen/binder/post-its etc. will often magically appear in my trolley, undiscovered until hubby is packing the shopping!

I also often shop online, and I've found an inexpensive way to feed my addiction: I add heaps to my virtual basket and before I get as far as paying for the goods I click on the little x in the corner - impulse averted! :-)

Natalie Anderson said...

LOL - I'm one too... and its ridiculous that I love those beautiful hardbound notebooks so much when I have SUCH messy writing...

Lee Morrison said...

LOL! I have several different kinds of stationery in my drawer, and I have a hard time passing up a design that catches my attention when I see it.


Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks for sharing, everyone.
It's nice to know I'm not alone!!
Must be a writing thing, huh?

I happily started using my new purple notebook and binder on the it!

Helzkat said...

nicola - yes i hear you sister. I went to officeworks last week and was in heaven. i lurrvvvv stationery. i just need to resist the urge to buy everything - i'm running out of room!

Nicola Marsh said...

Oh yeah, know that feeling well of having to run out of the shop to NOT buy the whole store!