Friday, November 02, 2007

The launch!

The book launch for SIZZLE, SEDUCE & SIMMER last night was absolutely fantastic!!
Dymocks bookshop in the heart of Melbourne is huge and the perfect venue for a launch.
About 100 people turned out for this event and it was fabulous to be surrounded by so many author friends who contributed to the book.
As Marion Lennox says in the intro, this is a friendship book.
It started from the regular lunches we have as a group and developed from there.
It's truly satisfying to see our collective work in one, fantastic book. And the recipes are yummy! I've already tried the Sinfully Delicious Seed Slice...twice!!
(Pity in my rush to bundle baby and sick mum out the door and into the car last night I left the slice in the fridge rather than taking it to the launch where it was supposed to be!!)

A great evening was had by all. And I had my first taste of a book signing on a larger scale...was great fun!!
Here are some of the talented, wonderful authors who feature in this book: (from left to right) Fiona MacArthur, moi, Bronwyn Jameson, Fiona Lowe, Amy Andrews, Valerie Parv, Marion Lennox, Anne Gracie, Stephanie Laurens, Trish Morey, Carol Marinelli and Keri Arthur.
Aren't the pinafores cute?
I'm so proud to be a part of this book.
Thanks to everyone who turned out last night (and who bought copies of the book as gifts for their friends.) Remember, it would make a fabulous Christmas present: romance and recipes in one book, what more could you ask for? :)
(Pop back tomorrow for news of my 15th book. The title is fab!!)


Robyn Grady said...

Great to hear it went so well! Aprons are a fabulous touch. lol

Think I spy Fiona Lowe up the back there =)


Serena said...

Hi Nic,
What a very special night it was! Everything was great - especially catching up with good friends.


Ally Blake said...

Twas a fabulouso night, Nic! So glad I got to catch up with y'all.

Here's to a dozen reprints ;).


Nicola Marsh said...

Was a great night.
And I'm with you on the reprints, Ally ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely picture, Nic - great to see several of my mates in there :o)

Hope you all sell shedloads!