Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Can I still do this?

It's the same every book.
I may have just finished one book, may have just finished revisions, taken a bit of time off to wind down/relax/whatever...then comes the time to start the next book.
Time to write something fresh.
And this is when the inevitable question pops up: can I still do this?
It's the weirdest thing but that little question can put a major dent in one's self confidence. What's even stranger this time around is that I'd already started THE DATING DILEMMA. I'd written the first chapter before revisions on 2 books came in so I went into hiatus.
So you'd think I wouldn't feel nervous, right?
Over the weekend I immersed myself in the characters, jotted down a few key scenes on paper, got a feel for Bryce and Eve again.
Then it happened.
The buzz. The flicker of excitement that accompanies a new book, any book really, when I feel the urge to sit at the keyboard and let those words flow.
So I did. Sat down last night and wrote 3000 words without realising it. Felt the immense satisfaction, the rush that accompanies those words and the knowledge I can still do this.
I love a new book. And I promise to share the low down on Bryce and Eve every step of the way.
Here's their collage for a start.
Do you get a feel for what they're like from the pics?


Dena said...

Hi Nicola, Your collage looks great and I can't imagine the anxiety you must go through with the start of a new story. I'm glad inspiration struck.

Did you put your question somewhere else? your website? for the March contest.

Nicola Marsh said...

Yes, Dena, comp info is on my website :)

Cryna said...

I love the collage, and you can get a feel of the characters by studying it. What a neat idea.