Thursday, March 20, 2008

My questionable craft prowess

You asked for it.
Here is a pic of my first ever Easter bonnet.

My initial brilliant idea, to stick the chicks and rabbits on the glitter hat underneath didn't quite work...cos glue, even craft glue, won't stick to glitter I discovered. So dug up some tissue wrapping paper, a ribbon (from a Lindt chocolate gift box my fabulous publisher Harlequin sent on Valentine's Day) and a roll of sticky tape which worked much more effectively than the glue.

Voila! Rabbits front and back, chicks galore on top and one very happy little preschooler (who was supposed to help but got tired of it after sticking the first chick. He's a boy, what can I say?)

It was so gorgeous picking him up today, seeing him walk proudly towards me in his bonnet. So, so cute!

Now, I'm wondering if I can recycle it for next year ;)
As much fun (!) as I had making it, I think I'd rather stick to writing...


Estella said...

Looks like you did an excellent job on the bonnet!

Cryna said...

The bonnet looks great - and as for your helper giving up on it and getting tired - that is just standard.....used to happen all the time with my kids....But am so happy that he loved it. You did a really nice job.

Lisa Hendrix said...

How cute! I love the chicks, and I think you should look around to see if there's an Easter Bonnet parade or competition you can enter this year.

Aren't crafts so much more fun with helpers? I used to love it when my kids wanted to glue and paint. One turned into a crafter, the other didn't. 50% isn't bad, I guess.

Robyn E said...

That's so cute! He must have looked adorable parading around with all those chicks and bunnies.

Dena said...

It's cute Nicola, I love the little chicks on top. I can just imagine him helping you make it,lol. It must have made it worthwhile seeing his haapy proud face I bet!

Nicola Marsh said...

Oh, you gals are so good for my ego :)

Must admit, hubby was suitably impressed by the fancy bonnet, I just thought it looked tacked together!!

Seeing my happy preschooler's face was definitely a reward :)