Monday, January 19, 2009

Lovely review!

My sexy archaeologist has received another lovely review, this time from ROMANCE READER AT HEART.

Here it is!

I’ve got to admit that I’m a Nicola Marsh fan. When I read one of her stories I know that the plot will be fast and fun, the characters smart and sexy and the writing flawless. Another thing I enjoy about her stories is the fact that they give a glimpse of exotic locations, something that adds to my reading pleasure. THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA did not disappoint on any of these points. Set in Melbourne, this is a tale of a woman whose shoe savvy is eclipsed only by her fear of finding—then losing—the one thing she truly wants.

From the first chapter, Beth is an endearing character. Her arrival for her first day as a museum tour guide late, and wearing a pair of Manolos instead of sensible shoes, sets the tone for her relationship with her new boss, drop-dead gorgeous Aidan Voss. He is an archeological whiz; she’s a metal sculptor. Together they bring more sizzle to the Melbourne Museum than any of its exhibits. The chemistry between the pair is obvious even at their first meeting, and as the story progresses it continues to grow. After a fund raiser their flirting takes a passionate turn, but even when Beth spells out exactly what she wants—what she needs—Aidan is determined to put in his time at the museum so he can get back to his archeological digs.

A story about compromises and commitment, THE BOSS’S BEDROOM AGENDA is both emotionally satisfying and entertaining. I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to more from this talented author.
(Kay James)

Thanks Kay!


Monique Wood said...

Woo hoo!!! Yay for you!!!

Great review. I'm glad to see other people appreciate your writing as much as we do :-)

Lois said...

Yeah, very cool! :) Can't wait to get this one next month! :)


Dena said...

Wow! What a great review Nic!