Monday, March 15, 2010

When opportunity knocks

When revisions on GETTING WILD WITH THE BOSS arrived late last week, I dived straight in.
Currently, I sit at around 60 pages with the meaty stuff (new scenes to write and a stronger conflict to layer) coming up.
Once that book is done, I'll probably only have 5 weeks until my next Romance is due. That book currently stands at 20000 words.
Could've all been done at a pinch.
Now we get to the interesting part.
Saturday morning, I received an email from editor inviting me to be part of an exciting project. And it is exciting. Hugely exciting!
Opportunity knocked and I was more than ready to open the door...
Can't wait to tell you all the news but for now, I need a Modern Heat heroine in a hurry (for a synopsis due ASAP.)
Suggestions please?


Rachael Johns said...

Ooh how cruel! How can you say that and then not tell us?? Am desperate to hear your news.

Good luck on your heroine!

Sally Clements said...

I wanted to write a story about a female editor. Picture this... A story comes in to romance HQ. It is the story of an Italian Alpha, who woos a woman and proposes. Romance HQ want to buy the story, but theres a fly in the ointment. The italian alpha arrives in the office, and tells them its a story about him. Yes. A spurned woman has detailed their courtship, and made up a happy ending that didn't happen in reality. The editor has to test the veracity of his claim by going to italy and revisiting everything in the book, to see if it really is all about him.
Does he really have a kick ass villa (yes)
Does he really have the yacht? (yes)
The private plane (yes)
Do his kisses really rock?
You get the idea. Write it for me, willya?

Rachael Johns said...

Write is yourself Sally - it's brilliant :)

Lacey Devlin said...

I was all excited, I got to the picture of the door, I scrolled down and... nothing. Na da.

I'm not a big fan of the cliff hanger ;)

Good luck with all things writable :D

Sally Clements said...

I want to read it, but don't want to write it! :(
Dying to know what the mysterious opportunity is - will have to keep checking in to find out!

Brandy Lehmann said...

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