Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Working through the process

This man has left the building for a second time (and as much as I love my rebel ranger Rhys, I hope I don't see him back until GETTING WILD WITH THE BOSS is in print!)

Yep, finished revisions late last night, always satisfying.
During the last fortnight I added over 5000 words in new scenes: tightening conflict, layering more emotion, getting inside Rhys and Jade's heads more.

I love how editors can pick up on key points from a scene, make a suggestion or two to get a writer's imagination ticking over and off we go.

This happened with my glacier.

It became a pivotal part of the book after just being a scene before. Good one.

Writers revise in many different way, using different processes.

How do you revise?


Jill said...

That's a good question! One I'm still trying to figure out. I don't have a problem writing down a rough draft, but sometimes it is very, very rough and I'm left scratching my head at what to do next. . .

Lacey Devlin said...

With a lot of chocolate...


Kerrin said...

and lots of hair pulling!

Nicola Marsh said...

Jill, there are loads of resources out there to help with revisions.

Getting the rough draft down is the tought part!
If you've done that, you're half way there.

Google 'writing tips, revisions' and you'll come up with loads of food for thought.

And the Self-Editing for Fiction Writers book by Renni Browne and Dave King is really good too.

Nicola Marsh said...

I go for the chocolate, Lacey.

The hair pulling, Kerrin? Not so much.

BTW Kerrin, finally made it to post office yesterday, your book's in the mail! You should get it in time for Easter :)