Tuesday, July 20, 2010

End of the line

Hey, if you're in OZ or NZ, my current release (along with Mira Lyn Kelly's debut) are the last SEXY SENSATIONS ever!

That's right, as of next month, the UK Modern Heat series will be released as straight SEXY in OZ/NZ, so go grab your bit of history today :)


Jo Dixon said...

That makes me a little sad :(
I like being able to spot the Sensations easily. I prefer the tone of the MH stories... the heroes are generally less arrogant alpha, the heroines are much more their equal, the storylines are better. Now, I will probably just stick to the MH authors I know - where as in the past I would take a Sensation even if I didn't know the author, because I figured if it's a Sensation, then I'm going to enjoy it. Or, I'll have to check on the UK site to see which titles are actually MH...although didn't I hear that MH and a few Sexy's will be listed together as another line in the UK... something aimed at the younger market ??????

Nicola Marsh said...

Jo, this is a great point you make, something I hadn't thought of.

Please do still look up the MH authors and continue to buy our fab books :)

Yes, the MH in the UK will become part of a new series in Jan, RIVA, combined with some Harlequin Romance books.

Won't some of my readers be confused if they pick up one of my MHs by mistake! (ie. the sex factor compared with 'behind closed doors' in Romance.)

Lacey Devlin said...

Oh I'm sad too and I don't really understand what it achieves... My local bookstore is advertising a new line called "special moments" which sounds as though it could be the RIVA line for Oz but if it's not including the MH I have no idea. Linda Lael Miller's is in it instead of Desire where she usually is. I'm confuzzled. Not the best marketing me thinks.

Nicola Marsh said...

Lacey, the Special Moments here in OZ is a combination of SuperRomance & Special Edition.

Please, please, please email the Sydney M&B office and let them know your opinion, it's so important!

Thanks :)

Jo Dixon said...

yikes... so Riva will be MH and romance! Ummm... seems a strange mix. I wonder if Riva will now have its own guidelines... if I'm writing to target MH, then I guess I'm now writing to target Riva. Have your editors given you any suggestions of 'change of pace'?

Nicola Marsh said...

RIVA will focus on fun, modern, sparkling voices, Jo.

From the current Harl Romance team, myself, Liz Fielding and Jessica Hart will be writing for RIVA.

If you're targeting MH, keep writing your MH. Guidelines haven't changed. Yet ;)

Jo Dixon said...

Thanks Nicola... and glad to hear you're part of the Riva team. It sounds like a great line. "fun, modern, sparkling" sounds fabulous!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Jo.

And good luck with your MH :)
It's a fabulous series to write for.