Friday, December 03, 2010

Wild nights

Here's a little taste of what Jade and Rhys get up to while cosied away in Alaska:

“Wait ‘til you see dessert.”
Jade gulped, unable to move as he reached over and took her plate, his hand brushing hers, sending sparks shooting from her fingertips to her toes. Their eyes locked and she could’ve sworn electricity sizzled in the air.
“Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”
Watching him stroll out of the room, faded denim clinging to his sensational butt, she wavered.
If she didn’t move, she was in serious danger of falling flat on her back and yelling ‘take me now!’ when he came back.
If she moved, she’d miss out on all the fabulous stuff that would happen if she did fall flat on her back and yell ‘take me now!’
Dilemmas, dilemmas…
He took the decision out of her hands, returning quickly with a platter of strawberries and melted chocolate.
“You sure know the way to a girl’s stomach,” she said, snaffling a strawberry and popping it in her mouth before he could set the lot on the rug.
He paused, sent her a sizzling look. “Maybe it’s not the girl’s stomach I’m after?”
The stomach in question belly-flopped at the intent in his eyes, her heart joining her tummy in an impressive somersault routine.
Thankfully, he glanced away to tend to the fire and she leaned back, propped on outstretched arms, content to watch, loving the way the muted firelight played across the sharp angles of his face, how it shimmered orange against his white Western shirt. Definite possibilities with that shirt, considering the pop buttons all the way down the front…
“That should keep us warm for a while.”
He sat next to her, his thigh barely inches from her own, a slow building heat radiating between them. Or was it just the heat from the fire, with her imagination working overtime?
His low, husky voice rippled over her and before she could launch herself at him with a resounding yes, he offered her the platter of strawberries.
“Thanks, my favourite.”
Before she could pick one he chose the plumpest, juiciest strawberry, whisked it through the chocolate and offered it to her, hovering a hair’s-breadth in front of her lips.
Guess this answered her earlier question of what was he doing. Every slow-motioned action, every glimmer in those too-blue eyes, every tilt of those sexy lips, screamed seduction.
After spending so many tense moments retreating from her, he’d finally decided to stop running. She should ponder why; why the sudden turnaround, why now, after he’d made it clear this wasn’t a good idea.
But as he brushed the strawberry over her bottom lip in a slow, sensual sweep, she wanted to lose herself in the moment and to hell with any questions.
Her eyes never left his as she slowly opened her lips, moved a fraction and enclosed her mouth over the deliciously smooth chocolate tip.
She moaned, her eyelids drifting shut as she bit into the strawberry, savouring the explosion of sweet tanginess mingling with the luscious chocolate, her senses on overload as she took the whole fruit in her mouth, her tongue flicking out, only to encounter a fingertip.


Kerrin said...

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Nas Dean said...

I never knew eating can be sooo sizzling!

Nicola Marsh said...

That's the idea, Kerrin :)

Nicola Marsh said...

I have a very good imagination, Nas ;)