Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prize pack giveaway!

Here is the much promised book giveaway, featuring current & recent releases:


Yes, that's 7 books!

Plus goodies:
-passport holder
-luggage tag
-address book

To be in the running to win, here's how you enter:

-click on my 'like' Facebook author page (link in sidebar) 1 entry

-follow my blog (link in sidebar) 2 entries

(do both, a bonus entry!)

-follow me on Twitter 1 entry

-link to this contest on your blog or Twitter 2 entries

-dedicated post with link to my contest on your website/blog 3 entries

Old blog followers who 'like' me on FB: 3 entries
Current 'like' fans on FB who follow my blog: 3 entries

Whatever you choose to do to enter, please comment on this post by Friday 22nd July (a quick hi is fine, nothing fancy!) with your email details.
The contest will close by midnight Friday 22nd July.

(Contest is open internationally.)

Good luck!


Karen H said...

WOW what a great prize package!

Aubrie said...

That is an awesome prize package. I follow you on Twitter!

aubrie dionne at yahoo dot com

Leanne109 said...

GFC follower Leanne109


Leanne109 said...

FB like
Leanne Gagnon

Leanne109 said...

Twitter follower

Sheree said...


GFC follower
ironss [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter (@infinitieh)
Facebook (S G-s Tieh)

Sarah Donald said...

Awesome contest. Have fb liked, twitter followed and retweeted contest link and info on my twitter :-)

Nicola Marsh said...

Great to see you lovely people leaping into the contest already, thank you!

I've decided to random spot book giveaways along the way too, and the first winner is Leanne!

Email me with your details & I'll pop a book in the mail to you :)

Zee Monodee said...

Hey Nicola

Ok, so I already 'like' your page on FB... but I'm now following your blog, following you on Twitter, and retweeting your contest info.

Email: zeemonodee [at] hotmail [dot] com


Stephanie said...

Hi Nicola,

I've already liked your Facebook author page, just followed your blog, follow you on Twitter (billiebum), RTed your tweet about the contest and in my next blog entry, I'll post a link to it! :)

Email: steph(@)

Marg said...
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Marg said...

I am an existing Twitter follower (Margreads) and have liked your FB page.

Nice prize package!

My email is ozdiamondlil at gmail dot com

Nicola Marsh said...

I'm enjoying seeing so many familiar faces from Twitter, FB, etc... crossing over here!

Thanks :)

Katrina W said...

Hi Nicole ** waves **

What a wonderful,, giveaway !! whohoo!!!! Looks likes it a partee !!

I already follow you over at facebook land ** katrina whittaker**

I follow you on twitter I am run_with_wolves ;)

I follow your blog New follower today ** grins **

Ive retweeeted contest for you !

Ill place your contest on my blog !!!
pop on over anytime for coffee n a browse ;)

Thanks for the great givwaway !!


Katrina W said...

My blog :)


Kate said...

Thanks for posting this great contest on GoodReads! I can't believe I wasn't already following your blog, but I definitely am now.

Twitter: @kateperegrinate

Escape by Fiction said...

Such a great giveaway - THANK YOU:)

I liked on FB and am a new follower, yay!

Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Kat!
Loads of entries for you!

Your blog looks really interesting, we love the same YA books!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Kate, you're in the running!

I didn't even think of posting this on Goodreads until this morning, duh!

Nicola Marsh said...

Escape by Fiction, are you a member of Rachel's Sassy Street Sirens?
How fabulous!
I need to steal...uh, I mean 'borrow'...Rachel's fab team for mine!

And I smiled when you said you tell your daughter not to crease the spine of your books. I'm the same with my mum, hate lending her books because they always come back creased!!!

Wathira Nganga said...

I liked you on Facebook :)
wathiranganga AT hotmail DOT com

Laura Kay said...

Hi! Excited to find your blog! What a great contest! I liked you on fb (both my name and for my blog fb pages), I'm now following you, and following you on twitter!

Laura Kay

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Wathira, saw you on FB :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Laura, I'm really enjoying meeting new faces!

Lois said...

Hmm, well, looks like I really can't enter this... I think I have ever single one of those books, except for Sex, Gossip and Rock & Roll since that one still has to come out in the US! LOL And maybe Wild Nights too... but that one's been out a while... that book doesn't have a different US title, does it? Ah well, doesn't matter, they're all good! :)


Samanthadelayed said...

Great Contest. I found it on Goodreads!

samanthadelayed at GMAIL dot COM

I think I now have 6 entries! YAY!

Nicola Marsh said...

Lois, the fact you have all those books is fabulous for me :)

Wild Nights was released in the USA this May as 'Her Bad, Bad Boss'.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a long term fan :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Sam, saw the post on your blog too!

You're in the running!

Lois said...

Ah okay, that's why I wasn't seeing it on my list.. but I do have Her Bad, Bad Boss. I haven't read it just yet though. I have a few Presents there that I haven't read just yet. Sigh. I need more time!!!! :)


Nicola Marsh said...

You and me both, Lois :)

Mariee said...

Awesome giveaway!

- Like your Facebook page (Marie E.)
- Follow your blog
- Follow you on twitter
- Tweeted about the giveaway:

marieimy (at) gmail (dot) com

Nicola Marsh said...

Great, thakns Marie!

Lisa Hutson said...

HI! Love your name! Nicola. Sounds so pretty! :-)
lisakhutson at cox dot net

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Lisa :)

Di said...

What a wonderful package! I've enjoyed your books, but would love to read these too! Got here via Liz Fielding.
Liked you on FB
Signed up to Follow the blog
Don't have a smart enough phone to Twitter yet

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Di, you're in the running!

Hope you're enjoying Liz's blog party :)

CrystalGB said...

Hi Nicola. I like you on facebook (Crystal Broyles), follow you on twitter(CrystalGB) and am a GFC follower(CrystalGB).
Thank you for the great giveaway.

Maureen said...

I follow on GFC as maureen
Like you on facebook as maureen carol
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Crystal!

Nicola Marsh said...

Great, you're in the running, Maureen.

lindsey hutchison said...

thanks for such a wonderful giveaway. im a newer blog follower but im an old FB liker thats how i found out bout the blog.

GFC: Lindsey
FB: Lindsey Hutchison

i dont have a twitter sorry.


Nardia said...

Nice comp Nicola :)

Like me on Facebook - check
Follow my blog - check
(do both, a bonus entry!) check, check :)
follow me on Twitter - check
link to this contest on your Twitter - check
dedicated post with link to my contest on your website/blog 3 entries - d'oh... not applicable for me :(
Old blog followers who 'like' me on FB - check
Current 'like' fans on FB who follow my blog - nope

thanks for doing this comp - i didn't realise you were on FB and twitter :)

StephanieJS said...

Hi, Nicola!

I already follow you on Twitter and liked your page on FaceBook. I do now follow the blog as a folloer (I've always read it through google reader).

This is such a great contest!

StephanieJS on Twitter
Stephanie Staton on FB

_yay_ said...

Hope I'm not too late :-)
Liked you on FB
Followed blog and on Twitter (_yay_)
Tweeted about the giveaway (_yay_)


Nicola Marsh said...

Great, thanks Stephanie!

Nicola Marsh said...

Not too late at all, you're in :)

Anonymous said...

I have you as a friend on Facebook :)

Ellory said...

I've added your blog to my feed and "like" on FB.

my email address is
apmkc1 at gmail dot com

Anna said...

I have done everything
GFC Follower Anna Dase
Fb follower Anna Dase
Twitter follower @amdase

tweeted contest!/amdase/status/94605357988581376

even left on my blog


Nicola Marsh said...

Great Nardia, glad you found me :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Fabulous, thanks Anna!

RtB Admin said...

I believe I'm too late, but I just started to follow you via GFC (as Romancing the Book), so I won't be late to the party next time. :)

Jen K
admin.bookblog AT

Nicola Marsh said...

That's great, thanks Jen!

More contests coming :)

jack said...
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